Who Runs This World? Girls. (At Least According To This Celebrity Rich List)…

Who Runs This World? Girls. (At Least According To This Celebrity Rich List)…

From Emma Watson to the Olsen twins, these A-list ladies are seriously impressive. Meet the word's richest female celebrities under 30 (the results might surprise you)…

They’re the stars of our favourite films, the voices behind the catchiest songs, the brains behind some of the biggest businesses in Hollywood, and some of the most empowering women of our generation - and they're all under 30.

While it goes without saying that we rate these A-list ladies on their merits - and what a lot of merits they have amassed between them (we're looking at you, Emma Watson and Ashley Olsen) - it's clear they've also made some serious money along the way.

From Adele to Kendall Jenner, we present the world's richest female celebrities under 30. Girl power.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Age: 29
Net Worth: £192 million

The former actresses started earning early in their lives but, with a fashion empire under their belts, they’ve got a combined net worth of £192 million. Not bad at all…

Lady Gaga
Age: 29

Net Worth: £147 million
The kooky singer has raked in a seriously cool £147 million during her career, from which she’s taking a temporary break. Can you blame her?

Taylor Swift
Age: 25

Net Worth: £128 million
She’s built her career on being the nicest girl in the biz, and it’s certainly paid off. Tay is now reported to be worth a whopping £128 million.

Age: 27
Net Worth: £77 million
When she’s not posting risqué Instagrams or wearing the most OTT red carpet frocks, Rihanna is busy adding to her £77 million one killer song at a time.

Kristen Stewart
Age: 25

Net Worth: £44.8 million
The Twilight saga made Kristen a very rich woman, with £44.8 million in the bank. However, the actress has remained so down-to-earth that you’d never know it.

Age: 27
Net Worth: £44.8 million
The songstress may be laying low right now, but with a nest egg of £44.8 million, we reckon she can justify her career break.

Emma Watson
Age: 25
Net Worth: £38.4 million

After starring in the Harry Potter series, we knew her worth was going to be colossal but, at 25 and with lots of other films under her belt, she’s now worth £38.4 million.

Jennifer Lawrence
Age: 24

Net Worth: £25 million
After it was revealed that Jen was being paid less than her make co-stars in American Hustle, she campaigned for fairer wages for women in Hollywood. Now, she has £25 million to her name.

Miley Cyrus
Age: 22

Net Worth: £23 million
Starting out as a child actor gave Miley’s bank balance a major boost from the get-go. Now, after causing a stir wherever she goes, she’s now totted up a net worth of £23 million.

Selena Gomez
Age: 23

Net Worth: £11.5 million
The former Disney star has a comfortable £11.5 million in the bank.

Kate Upton
Age: 23
Net Worth: £10.2 million
After shooting to fame as a Sports Illustrated model, Kate doubled her earnings after branching out into film, and is now worth a cool £10.2 million.

Kendall Jenner
Age: 19
Net Worth: £3.8 million
From several of her lucrative projects, Kendall is worth £3.8 million - a mere drop in the ocean compared to some of her famous siblings. Check out the Kardashian rich list...

Who runs this world? Girls.

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