If you haven’t heard the news already, Taylor Swift has just been named the highest paid musician in the world after reportedly earning more than one million dollars a day during 2015. Now that’s what we call a good day’s work!

The 25-year old has already raked in a whopping $317.8 million this year alone thanks to her countless smash hits, endless 1989 World Tour plus endorsement deals with the likes of Elizabeth Arden and Diet Coke.

With predictions that Tay-Tay will hit billionaire status by the 30th Birthday, the starlet currently holds eighth place in the Forbes Celebrity 100 rich list while Glaswegian-born boyfriend Calvin Harris, currency the highest paid DJ in the world, comes in at number 17 after earning $66 million.

It has also been revealed that infamous boy band One Direction have earned a staggering $130 million so far duing 2015, which works out at just over $89,000 per day, per member before tax, while celebrity power couple Beyoncé and Jay Z earned $54.5 million and 56 million respectively. That equals a whopping joint income of over $300k a day. That’s basically like buying a house. Every. Single. Day.

So while we sit here and scowl at our own depressingly realistic pay packets and dreaming of flashing the cash during a binge shopping trip or luxury weekend away, why not take a gander at how much the following celebs rake in pre-tax on a daily basis according to Forbes. You know… just to rub salt in the wound a little further.  #SorryNotSorry

Katy Perry: $135 million a year. Daily earnings $369,863

One Direction: $130 million a year. Daily earnings: $89,041 per member

Calvin Harris: $66 million a year. Daily earnings: $180,821

Justin Timberlake: $63.5 million a year. Daily earnings: $173,972

Lady Gaga: $59 million a year. Daily earnings: $161,643

Jay Z: $56 million a year. Daily earnings: $153,424

Beyonce: $54.5 million a year. Daily earnings: $147,945

Kim Kardashian: $52.5 million a year. Daily earnings: $143,835

Jennifer Lawrence: $52.5 million a year. Daily earnings: $143,835

Gisele Bundchen: $44 million a year. Daily earnings: $120,547

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