After THAT Fight, The 7 Celebrity Bodyguards We’d Definitely Want Around

After THAT Fight, The 7 Celebrity Bodyguards We’d Definitely Want Around

Celebrity bodyguards have overtaken their famous clients as the faces we really want the paparazzi to snap, but which kind would you book?

Celebrity bodyguards are the A-list companions you’re not supposed to see, keeping on eye on their A-list clients and the other on the frenzied crowd. But the likes of Adele, Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart have seen their personal security details hit the headlines lately thanks to their suited-and-booted style, taking over the internet more than the famous faces themselves.

From beefed up to the ones you never saw coming, we’ve rounded up the six types of celebrity bodyguards you’ll spot trailing the A-list. Which one would you pick?

‘I Could Kill You With A Look’
Adele, Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart have all stepped out under the watchful eye of some beefy bodyguards, who are tall, dark-suited and dangerous. Can those piercing blue eyes kill? Probably not, but we’d feel safe around this bodyguard subset. Kim Kardashian-West got a little bit closer than most when she hooked up with then-bodyguard Shengo Deane in 2011. 

‘I’m The One With The Earpiece’
Remember those Ninja Nuns in Reebok Classics at the Royal Wedding? Turns out they weren’t actually secret agents protecting William and Kate, but you never know who’s watching your favourite A-lister undercover. That old man could be faster than you think…

‘Every Day Is Arm Day’
Ok, so you have to be strong to protect someone like Justin Bieber, but these beefed up bodyguards take muscle-building to the extreme. Pascal Duvier was once called ‘the biggest bodyguard in the world’, tasked with taking care of the Kardashians when they’re out and about. 

‘You’re My Woman Crush Wednesday’
Personal security isn’t just a man’s job – Emma Watson, Kate Middleton and even Princess Charlotte have a lady with a gun in waiting. Does a lady blend in better, making for a sneakier security detail? Chinese celebs are huge fans of these wonder women.

‘The First Rule About The Army Is You Don't Talk About The Army’
Used to defend the country, now defends the country’s most famous, this bodyguard takes their job VERY seriously. There’ll be no joking with the paparazzi here – get in, get out and get the job done. End of story. 

'The Handbag Holder'
Husbands, boyfriends and significant others will know the drill when it comes to this bodyguard type. Your main job might be make sure no harm comes to the 'talent', but you better keep an eye on the Celine, too.  

‘Did You See Me On InStyle?!’
These guys love the limelight, no matter how much they pretend otherwise. Papped at the back of every airport walk, car exit and impromptu fro-yo trip, these celebrity bodyguards secretly revel in being attached to the A-List.


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