Celebrity Bake Off: If This Year's Contestants Were Baked Goods, They'd Be...

Celebrity Bake Off: If This Year's Contestants Were Baked Goods, They'd Be...

Comic Relief's Great British Bake Off kicked off last night on BBC One. So what are Zoella, Alexa and Dame Edna whipping up for us? Here's the pastries, cakes and puds we think would be the perfect fit.

Alexa Chung
Star bake: Macaroons
Why? We can see her whipping up a plate of these in a tasteful Carven ensemble

Star bake: Cake pops
Why? Sweet and popular with the youngsters

David Mitchell
Star bake: Spotted Dick
Why? Traditional and British

Joanna Lumley
Star bake: Shop-bought mini rolls
Why? She's already said she doesn't have a clue about baking. We're just hoping she'll fox Paul and Mary with something smuggled in from M&S

Victoria Wood
Star bake: Victoria sponge
Why? Not just because it's her namesake, it also reminds us of her genius 'Ballad of Freda and Barry' (we recommend You Tubing that one if you haven't seen it)

Sarah Brown
Star bake: Shortbread
Why? A nod to those Scottish roots. You know Gord would be pleased

Michael Sheen
Star bake: Cheese straws
Why? We don't know why, he just feels like a cheese straw man

Jonathan Ross
Star bake: Marvel cupcakes
Why? The man is BIG on his comics. We can see him getting creative with a pack of ready-roll icing

Jameela Jamil
Star bake: Strawberry shortcake
Why? Sweet and decadent

Gok Wan
Star bake: Marshmallows
Why? Because they're the fashion snack du jour darling

Dame Edna
Star bake: Trifle
Why? Lots of layers and very naughty

Chris Moyles
Star bake: Sausage rolls
Why? No nonsense, plenty of pastry

Star bake: Black forest gateau
Why? We can see Lulu knocking this dish up for a dinner party, possibly with some coq au vin and a prawn cocktail

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