Who The A-List REALLY Want To Win At BAFTA 2016 (Hint: It's All About Leo)

Who The A-List REALLY Want To Win At BAFTA 2016 (Hint: It's All About Leo)

They might be dying for their own BAFTA nod, but who do the A-list really want to win? We got the excusive scoop at our InStyle EE Rising Star Party

The BAFTAs are less than two weeks away, and we’ve all put mental money on our favourites to win already – if you need a refresher, here’s the BAFTA 2016 nomination list in full.

But at InStyle’s EE Rising Star Party, we’ve got exclusive access to those in the know – and when we say the know, they starred in the films, so we’re going to trust them when it comes to winning picks.

Who do the celebs really want to take home the trophy? Find out below…

Lilah Parsons is throwing things back to 2013 with her pick, loving Leo in The Wolf Of Wall Street instead of The Revenant. She spilled that she hate’s Leo’s character, but can’t get enough of Margot Robbie’s outfits. AGREED. 

The Inbetweener’s Emily Atack revealed that she’s been brushing up on Dad’s Army ahead of her turn on the big screen with former co-star Blake Harrison, in the remake of Dad's Army! Check out the Inbetweeners reunion here. But aside from that, she’s rooting for Leonardo DiCaprio to win the BAFTA for The Revenant, and the Oscar! Aren’t we all?!

Daisy Bevan is also a Revenant fan, with a slice of buzzy actress Brie Larson in Room, too. We’re keeping our eye on Daisy’s upcoming flick, Florence, Yesterday for awards nods. She admitted it took a lot of auditions to get the part.

Konnie Huq and her husband, Charlie Brooker, are always watching the hottest films before you - fact. This year, she loved Cartel Land because she learnt so much from the documentary, and came straight to InStyle's party from the Zoolander 2 premiere. Her verdict? "The best film I've seen in ages". Anything else?! Oh yeah, she loved The Martian. 

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