Celebrities Without Makeup: Barefaced And Still Totally Beautiful

See what your fav stars look like without the aid of their glam squads with our makeup-free celebrity gallery

We're used to seeing celebrities done up to the nines with their hair and makeup perfectly applied. However, thanks to the likes of Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat your favourite stars have started letting us in on what they *really* look like without their glam squad to hand. 

The no makeup selfie has taken social media by storm and day in, day out we're given a behind-the-scenes look at what celebrities without makeup really look like. Yes, they still look beyond beautiful but without a scrimp of foundation, a flick of eyeliner or a gloss of lippy, the message their sending out to all their followers is simple — you don't need makeup to look gorge. 

And it's not just on social media either — A-listers are forgoing makeup for public appearances more than ever, instead showing off their healthy glowing visage. 

So, from Cheryl's towel selfie to Jennifer Lawrence running around New York City sans a full face, if a celebrity dares to do without makeup you'll find them here. 

Never before have the words 'cleanse, tone and moisturise' meant so much... 

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