Why Is Lily Allen—Married With Two Kids—On Tinder?!

Why Is Lily Allen—Married With Two Kids—On Tinder?!

Lily Allen has raised many an eyebrow after joining dating app Tinder whilst being married, but she insists it's all totally innocent...

Tinder is the dating app that has got us all well and truly hooked. Not only has it changed the way that we find love, it gives you the chance to meet people in your area that you otherwise may have never crossed paths with. However, one celebrity who has just joined the dating platform has received major backlash for doing so, and it's not exactly hard to see why...

Songstress Lily Allen has been discovered on the social media app, even though she's currently married with two kids. So, naturally, alarm bells began to ring in our heads. However, as soon as the news of her profile broke, the 30-year-old hitmaker was quick to set the record straight on the whole situ, and it's apparently way more innocent than it looks. She has revealed that she's on it so that she can make new friends while she's touring and on the go. Ok... 

Lily's profile reads: 'I'm a touring artist wanting to meet people abroad who don't want to talk about the industry formally known as entertainment.' She then goes on to reveal that she is in fact 'married, [has] two beautiful girls, a massive mortgage and ridiculous schedule.' We hear ya, Lily. 

So, as weird as it may sound, it looks like not everyone on the DATING app is looking for love. Actually, when you say it out loud, it's not that far a stretch, is it?

However, Lily isn't the only star to sign up to the dating app, you know, for one reason or another...

As hard as it might be to believe, there is a chance (albeit a pretty small chance unless you live in London's most prestigious postcodes or in the Hollywood hills) that you might spot a famous face whilst you're getting your side-swipe on, seeing as a number of celeb ranging from TV personalities to movie pin-ups including Katy Perry and Leonardo DiCaprio are reported to be on it.

While many stars refuse to comment about their Tinder antics, actress and singer Hilary Duff has openly talked about downloading the dating app after splitting from her partner Mike Comrie, explaining to US talk show host Ryan Seacrest, ‘I’m just a Tinder animal. I had my Tinder training wheels on for my first date. Now it’s smooth sailing.’ 

Now, as part of the new Tinder update, if you should ever find yourself matched with a VIP, you'll be able to know for sure whether they're the real deal from the off. Yes, you'll actually be able to confirm that you've just swiped Kit Harrington. [Side note: Just to be clear, we totally but wishfully made up that the gorgeous Games Of Thrones hunk is a member, so don't snap up those tickets to Dublin with the hope of securing a match just yet! Still, a girl's allowed to dream, right?]

'Starting today, you may see a verified symbol on some profiles. Now when notable public figures, celebrities and athletes appear in your recommendations, you’ll know it’s for real,' the company confirmed via their blog this morning. 'Keep an eye out for Tinder Verified Profiles — and swipe on!' 

That's right, Tinder just got even MORE addictive.

While the update has just been released onto the dating platform, it seems as though the plan has been on the cards for quite a while. The firm's CEO Sean Rad discussed making it happen last year saying that authenticating accounts 'will allow celebrities to enter Tinder in a different way.'

And guess who's thought to have been offered the first blue tick? Oh, you know, casually it was our favourite redhead chart-topper, Ed Sheeran. However, we're sorry to tell you that the 24-year-old declined. 

‘I did say no. I haven’t got time to go on loads of dates. I want to do this. Be on the radio and talk about music,’ Ed told Total Access about the offer earlier this year. ‘It’s so people know it’s you I guess, but it just sounds quite creepy doing that because then you’re just using your celebrity status to hook up with chicks.’

Ok, so Ed may not be on board but, if the rumours are to be believed, there are plenty of other little blue ticks just waiting to be discovered. If you come across one, send us your location pronto...

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