Guess What? Celebs Fall Over Too - And These Ones Are Pretty Epic

Don’t worry Justin Bieber, you’re not the only one…

We’re not evil people here at InStyle HQ, promise. We don’t enjoy people injuring themselves and we definitely wouldn’t cheer on any serious tumbles. Comedy celeb fails, however? Well, that’s a different matter entirely…

We’ll be honest: much like our obsession with supermodel catwalk fails on YouTube, spotting a celebrity fall GIF online makes us feel momentarily better about ourselves. We know it’s a bit juvenile but they become a little less untouchable and a little more human. We’re not always looking for grace and poise. Sometimes it’s refreshing to see them take a tumble just like us.

Take Justin Bieber, for instance, who slipped on an invisible banana skin whilst performing on his Purpose tour this week. Poor Biebs, it’s not the first time an embarrassing fall has gone viral – although it’s hard to feel massively sorry for him. The pop star had a 20-strong stage crew to leap to his aid, after all. If only we had the same service every time we went flying over someone’s bag on the underground.

It turns out Bieber's got company – these celeb falls are pretty epic, too. It’s okay – they lived to tell the tale. We can laugh!

Jennifer Lawrence At The Oscars

Who could forget the glorious moment when the actress tripped and fell collecting her Best Actress gong at the Oscars? This is why we LOVE J-Law. We’d do exactly the same thing in that gown. High five!

Katy Perry And The Cake

What happens when you dive into a giant dessert whilst performing on stage at the MTV Latin America Awards? You take a tumble over that icing, naturally. The singer even attempted to bring one of her band mates down in the process. That’s a big no-no, Katy!

Gaga Vs Piano

In case any of you were thinking about leaping off a burning piano in a pair of stilettos: don’t. Lady Gaga tried it and she ended up flat on her back. Ever the professional, she didn’t miss a note of her hit ‘You And I’ and carried on singing regardless. What a hero.

Kim Vs Chair

We’ve all been there. Thankfully very few of us have been filmed. Kim Kardashian got us all chuckling when she lost her balance and fell off a chair in a 2011 episode of Kim and Kourtney Take New York. Even Kim saw the funny side…eventually...

Kanye Vs Street Sign

And it’s not just Kim! TBH, we feel a little bit bad about this one. Kanye actually did himself some harm walking into that street sign. It’s just unfortunate that the sign in question was a bright red cautionary sign for vehicles about pedestrians.

Sandra Bullock On The Red Carpet

Sandra Bullock took method acting to new extremes when she tripped as spectacularly as her Miss Congeniality character at the film's London premier. Now THIS is how you style it out.

Beyonce Takes A Tumble

When Beyonce fell down during her Super Bowl halftime show many of us dropped to our knees in relief. SHE’S HUMAN, REJOICE. Then she got back up as if nothing happened and danced on like a pro. MAYBE NOT.

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