Why You Need To Get Into Catastrophe

Why You Need To Get Into Catastrophe

Season two of our favourite British comedy begins tonight. Here's why you need to get into it

Before Catastrophe arrived on Channel 4, it had felt like a very long time since we’d been treated to a truly brilliant piece of home baked comedy.

Written by and starring comedians Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan, Catastrophe started with very little fanfare in its 10pm Monday night slot. But like all really good TV shows, the ‘have you been watching…’ grassroots hype began to spread and by the final episode we were hooked.   

Still not got into it? With season two landing tonight (hooray!) here’s why you really should. 

1) It’s brilliantly written (and very funny) 

Penned by its two lead actors Sharon Horgan (who plays a woman called Sharon) and Rob Delaney (who, guess what, plays Rob), the drama centres on an American man and Irish woman who meet and accidentally conceive a child after a ‘six-night stand.’ 

2) It’s a real picture of a modern romantic relationship (no cheese) 

Funny, awkward and without a whiff of cliché, the comedy of their developing relationship is brilliantly played out. After their first meeting Sharon describes Rob as ‘a sturdy lovemaker with a massive chin’, while Rob describes Sharon as ‘emotionally, a dumpster fire.’ 

3) It’s based on true events (which is probably why it’s cliché-free) 

When Sharon Horgan met her real life husband, entrepreneur Jeremy Rainbird, they had an unplanned pregnancy in the first six months. 'That is what happened to me,' Horgan said in an interview earlier this year, 'so it made sense to write about it.'

4) The comic chemistry between Sharon and Rob is spot on 

Like Monica and Chandler in friends, April and Andy in Parks and Recreation or Claire and Phil in Modern Family, sometimes a chalk-and-cheese on screen couple come together, instantly hit off each other and it’s magic. 

Season 2 of Catastrophe begins Tuesday at 10pm on Channel 4 

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