Cats V. Cucumbers... Cucumbers Win EVERY Time

Cats V. Cucumbers... Cucumbers Win EVERY Time

Who knew?

We’re going to go so far as to say this will be the weirdest thing you're going to see today, maybe even this week… Wait for iiiiit – cat v. cucumbers.


We know what you’re thinking – another day, another cat video – but this is different...

Sure, once you finish the video there’s a lot of questions to ask yourself:

1. Why are the cats - usually the most cool, calm and collected species in the animal kingdom – reduced to ridiculous drama queens at the sight of the green fruit? (Yes, fruit.)

2. Who puts the cucumbers next to the unsuspecting cats? Owners, obvs, but WHY? 

3. Would it be different if they were sliced?

4. Or diced?

5. Actually, why cucumbers at all?

Granted we’d be a little surprised to find an unexpected object next to us when we raise our heads from our pumpkin spiced latte – but not THAT surprised.


Then again, cats are a little jumpy. See what a little picture of their own face can do…

(Don't try any of this at home - your cat will probably hate you.)

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