WATCH: The Best Carpool Karaoke Videos Of All Time

WATCH: The Best Carpool Karaoke Videos Of All Time

Hands down, #winner...

Carpool Karaoke is one of the best things to happen in the past few years - James Corden cracked America and has had some of the biggest celebrities in his car – for singing, variously undressing and general lols.

Based on the (slightly tenuous, let's be honest) premise that in America there’s a carpool system so you can’t drive in a certain lane unless there’s more than one person in the car, James Corden gets his celeb pals to hop in and have a fun drive for his Late Late Night Show. We regularly get the tube with our celeb pals too, no biggy.

His latest guest? The funkilicious Bruno Mars showing everyone how to work printed silk, gold chains and a snap back and still keep it classy.

Did you seen Queen Madge get a lift with Mr Corden?  Yup, the most flexible woman in pop, Madonna sings her way through all our fave karaoke tunes (La Isla Bonita we're looking at you), somehow manages to do the splits whilst in a moving car, and reveals her romantic escapades with Michael Jackson. Yup, this is one you're gonna want to watch.

Check it out below...

Here's your first look at Lady Gaga...

Also did you see Britney? Yes, Britney actual Spears! Watch the video below. 

Sorry, Britney, but James's Carpool Karaoke with Michelle Obama was probably the coolest yet... She's singing and being generally great, WITH Missy Elliot.

And InStyle cover girl Selena Gomez sung on a rollercoaster like a BOSS...

And, still one of our faves, 'J-Lo and J-Co' singing to her frankly excellent music and texting Leonardo DiCaprio... 

And the best ever, including the Grammys special...

To kick of 2016, James got the biggest pop singer of the moment (that's not Bieber, the other one) - Adele! We <3 her so much right now...

And THEN, calling all Coldplay fans! James Corden picks up Coldplay frontman Chris Martin on his way to the Super Bowl in San Fran - and it's actually pretty lols. 

And THEN - Elton John is out and about promoting his new album, and stopped in via James's car. Watch it here...

And Sia, who is actually a total babe albeit with a quirky two-tone bob...

We’ve rounded up our favourite Carpool Karaoke moments EVER:

1. Stevie Wonder doing James’s accent.

2. Iggy Azalea and James buying wedding dresses.

3. Stevie Wonder verifying it was in fact James Corden who was driving him, via Facetime.

4. Iggy Azalea talking about how she got the name Iggy Azalea.

5. Justin Bieber dressing James Corden.

6. James Cordon dressing Justin Bieber.

7. Jennifer Hudson’s snazzy purple lipstick.

8. Rod Stewart’s outfit.

9. Rod Stewart talking about being rock and roll.

10. Jason Derulo trying to make the word ‘Gucci’ meaning good happen.

11. Stevie Wonder and James Corden bickering over who was going to drive.

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