Cara Delevingne Is All Kinds Of Cool In The Trailer For Her New Film, Paper Towns

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It's Cara Delevingne's first turn in an on-screen leading role and — judging by her performance in the first Paper Towns trailer — it won't be her last...

Cara Delevingne may have started out life, you know, as an international modelling sensation but for almost the entirety of her career in the public eye, she's confessed her desire to swap the catwalk for the film set. 

Her goal of marking a stellar movie career became one step closer when she was cast in a supporting role in the recently released film based on the Amanda Knox crime story, The Face of an Angel, where she had a small albeit impacting role as a waitress-turned-tour guide. 

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Now, however, it looks like the 22-year-old's time in the Hollywood spotlight has finally come as the trailer for her new film Paper Towns has just been released and it looks good. Really good.

Sinking her teeth into a leading role for the first time, Cara plays Margo; a gorgeous teenager who has been the object of her neighbour Quentin's (played by Nat Wolff) affection since they were kids. Then, after taking him out on an unexpected all-night adventure, Margo disappears leaving behind a host of cryptic clues that only Quentin can decipher. 

Intrigued? Yep; so were we, which makes this trailer a real must-see. 

On the one hand, it's bizarre to see the girl that's graced a thousand catwalks take to the screen in a totally new and different way. On the other, we're pleasantly surprised at how seamlessly Cara seems to make the transition into a leading lady. Not that we ever doubted her for a second, mind. 

Penned by The Fault In Our Stars writer John Green, this film is set to be BIG. And we for one can't wait to see it this summer. Check out the trailer in full above to see what Cara's really shunning the catwalk for...

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