Cara Delevingne Spills On What Makes The Perfect Girlfriend

Cara Delevingne Spills On What Makes The Perfect Girlfriend

Cara Delevingne has revealed what makes her relationship with St Vincent work, and we can all learn from her love tips.

Cara Delevingne has been pretty open about her relationship with musician St Vincent lately, and it looks like the couple are still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship. Speaking to Loaded magazine, Cara gushed about her gorgeous girl, whose real name is Annie Clark, and also spilled on what she thinks makes the perfect girlfriend. Boyfriends, you can take note too.

Model, actress and now relationship coach?! There’s nothing Miss Delevingne can’t do. Here are Cara’s lessons in love:

1. Ride or die. Cara Delevingne goes all in when it comes to her relationships, describing herself as “ride or die” and saying “if I care about someone, I’ll jump in front of a car for them”. Now that’s commitment.

2. Trust is key. Cara says trust is the most valuable thing in a partner, and that “loyalty is one of the most important things to me in the world”.

3. Opposites attract. Cara says her and St Vincent work so well together because of they’ve got such different personalities; “I can’t date someone who’s like me because we’d probably end up killing each other”.

4. Plan, plan plan. We already knew Cara was a free spirit, but it seems she needs a partner who is a bit more organised and can “plan things”. With both of their schedules, we’re not surprised!

5. Sweet nothings. Cara is a fan of sweet gestures, and used to send love letters to people she fancied. She also “serenaded a couple of people before, which is really embarrassing”. Well, at least she can sing!

6. Going the distance. Cara says she’s travelled “very far” to see someone for just a day, which is super sweet.

We’ve got to hand it to you Cara, with romantic rules like that we can see why you and St Vincent are so good together. Happy anniversary! 

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