Cara Delevigne's Body Art And Other Ways Of Working The Met Gala Dress Code

Cara Delevigne's Body Art And Other Ways Of Working The Met Gala Dress Code

Not everyone follows the dress code at the Met Gala, and few get it right when they do. But these celebrities get top marks for their take on the theme….

Dress codes can be tricky things, especially when they run the risk of turning into fancy dress. And this year's Met Gala theme – China: Through the Looking Glass – had us worried that we were going to see too many sets of chopsticks stuck in hair and not enough couture.

As with every Met Gala that has ever been, there were some who took the theme literally (Grace Coddington in her traditional Chinese silk pyjamas springs to mind), others who interpreted it their own way, and those who chose to ignore it completely (hiya Katy Perry and Madonna in matching Moschino). Thankfully, we didn't spy any chopsticks, but a little note to the men: brocade jackets do not look good. Please do not wear again. Thank you.

As with most things, it was those who put their own spin on the theme who came out with the most interesting results (with exception perhaps to SJP whose Philip Treacy headdress may have been one red ribbon too far).

Take Cara Delevingne, who nodded to the Oriental theme not with her Stella McCartney jumpsuit per se, but with body art. The model had her arms and chest painted with cherry blossoms and oriental fans that reminded us of the delicate artwork on Chinese vases we might see in the British Museum.

Sienna Miller also paid tribute to the dress code in a subtle way, opting for a red sequinned jacket and trousers by Thakoon which she accessorised with a cummerbund and tassels, the likes of which would have been used to tie old-fashioned Chinese dresses.


Then there was Emily Ratajowski who gave the much-loved satin dress we all had in the 90s an update with her below-the-knee embroidered Topshop number.


And lastly Chloe Sevigny, who managed to drape herself in patterned satin without looking like she was in fancy dress.


Top marks on the outfits, ladies.

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