Can Beyoncé Persuade You To Fork Out £12K On An Apple Watch?

Can Beyoncé Persuade You To Fork Out £12K On An Apple Watch?

After getting a major dose of celebrity endorsement the Apple watch is poised to hit the shelves this week. But how much are you willing to spend on one?

Beyoncé has always been a bona fide trend setter, hasn't she? Whether it's her music or style she's always one step ahead of the rest, and her latest fashion fix is certainly no exception. 

It only seems fitting that Queen B should get her paws on the biggest launch of the year before anyone else, and she's gone and done just that by snapping up her very own Apple watch BEFORE it's even hit the shops. 

Taking to her Instagram account during last weekend's Coachella festival, Bey debuted her brand new wearable tech wrist candy to her fans, making her one of the select super-elite who have been given their own unique models of the watch ahead of its global release on April 24th. However, this is no regular Apple watch...

While the most basic Apple watch — the sports watch — comes in at £299 the most expensive style that we, the general public, can snap up comes in at a cool £12,000. WOWZA. With a 18-carat gold finish and more storage than you could ever dream of, it's definitely the watch to be seen with if you've got some major change to throw. However, its price-tag doesn't even come close that of the 24-carat number Bey was seen rocking. 

The truth is, we don't officially know how much her model would set you back because it was a bespoke creation specifically made for the starlet. However, with a solid gold strap as well as state-of-the-art features, we can only guess how much it would be likely to cost; and that's at least double. Yikes! 

Beyoncé isn't the only A-lister who's been privy to trying out the Apple watch early — fashion's main man Karl Lagerfeld (whose bodyguard Instagrammed it), music maestro Drake, songstress Katy Perry and a style icon Pharrell Williams have all been showing off their own watches over the last week, giving us a glimpse at how the other half live. However, is the Apple watch really all that? Here are the features we reckon you'll find the most appeasing... 

  • You can customise your own Apple watch with an array of straps and finishes (for an extra cost, obvs)
  • From Mickey Mouse to pretty butterflies, you can choose your own super-cute display mascot
  • One of the key features of the Apple watch is its fitness tracking and, should you feel the need, you can send the heart-rate from your workout or your morning jog to a friend
  • Always mapping our your routes? Instead of fixing your eyes on the screen as you walk, you can plot in your desired destination and walk normally — the watch will automatically tap you once to turn right and twice to go left. 
  • If you're a massive fan of, erm, time, you'll be pleased to hear that the is accurate to plus or minus 50 milliseconds. Yep, you're pal who's always on time is going to LOVE that

While there's no denying that we couldn't live nor function without our Apple tech, we reckon that we'll stick to our trusty iPhone's and the most affordable Apple watch for now. After all, just think of the designer bags you could get with the likes of £12K. 

Gimme gimme Chanel... 

Check out the mind-blowing range of Apple watches here ahead of its UK release on April 24th here

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