Let's Talk About Calvin Harris's Snapchat...

Let's Talk About Calvin Harris's Snapchat...

Yay or nay for those 'I'm fiiiiiine' social media posts...

The world's been split many times in the last week and, arguably the least important of all, was the reaction to Calvin Harris's Snapchat — the one on a boat, with loads of girls... If you haven't seen it, you get the picture.

It's certainly understandable, if nothing else, post-Hiddleswift/TayTo/Swiddleston — the world wide web's portmanteaus for his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift's new relationship with Brit hottie Tom Hiddleston — but is it a good idea?

Team InStyle debates...

YES - by Amie-Jo Locke, Acting Digital Editor

'Ok. I think it’s safe to say that many of our InStyle readers have fathomed by now that I am single.

Crikey, if I were to fall hopelessly in love right now that’d be at least 70% of my story fodder gone in a flash. Being single gives you a pedestal from which to cast a deeply cynical eye, and sometimes, I quite like that as a writer.

However, despite all the fun nights out, scathing online articles, Glastonbury jaunts and Ibiza stints with the BFF, it does get lonely being a singleton. Of course it does. So when you meet someone spesh, think it’s going kind of well, then get unceremoniously dumped for no apparent reason – it hurts. You don’t want to admit that it smarts quicker than a paper cut after eating salt n’ vinegar crisps, but it does. It hurts.

But there is a quick (and dare I say it) slightly shameful way to make yourself feel instantly better. Yes, these days instead of dusting yourself off and trying again (cue Aaliyah *feels*), those of us with a hapless devotion to social media just whip out the old iPhone and start uploading the shiz out of anything that proves how exceptionally great our life is now that the arsehole is gonzo.

Instagram snaps (‘look at how much FUN I’M HAVING’), selfie updates (changing your profiler to a snap taken 8 years ago when you were well skinny and hanging on beaches during your gap year, how mature), and the obligatory stream of Facebook check-ins to every cool (men-filled) hang-out this side of Dalston. Social media has become the singleton’s armour, and validation through the form of ‘likes’ and Tinder matches is how we get through the dark times ahead.

Yes, it’s shallow. Yes, it doesn’t really make me feel in any way better, but if I can convince my followers that life is ok, then life is in fact… a-ok.

So do I agree/identify with what Calvin is doing right now? Hell yes. And in fairness, if you were coming up against the cringe-fest that is Hiddleswift then I’d be using any dirty tricks possible to show the world that I’m very publically flipping the bird in their general (matching quilted-coat) direction. ‘Here’s me hanging with some hot girls Taylor. Deal.’

NO - by Rebecca Gillam, Digital Writer

'Calvin, Calvin, Calvin, I get that you’re having not in the most desirable of scenarios — no-one would wish for your ex-gf to get into a smug new relationship two weeks after you split up, especially not with some English dreamboat, with the entire world's news going bonkers every time they leave their happy home — BUT sharing pictures of yourself with loads of women is never the answer.

It’s too text book — you’re not fooling anyone, you’re just making people do that trail of consciousness… Sharing pictures, wants to prove he’s ok, not ok. It’s just not dignified — stay quiet, like actual radio silent… It’s far more annoying.

You could be doing anything… Hanging out with hot laydees, doing a silent yoga retreat, sitting in an empty room sobbing your heart out, stabbing a effigy of your ex-girlfriend — some arguably cooler than others, but the mystery is what’s maximally infuriating.

You see it time and time again — someone gets f—cked over, and within a week their social media channels are flooded with how ‘fiiine’ they are, signalling to the world — they are nat ok. Just take stock, chill out and then get back on the dating horse.

It’s a tough one to juggle, especially when your gf is suddenly doing honeymoony beach walks, but you’ve got to read the scenario — if she’s being all smug newlywed, odds are they’ll be eye rolling at a ‘boats 'n hoes’ type scenario.

Remember, nothing’s more of a kick in the teeth than an actual lurved-up relationship a few months down the line, rather than some Snapchat (or front page) show pony. Or, partners aside, just seeing them looking actually happy and over ‘it’ when you’ve been wondering in the back of your mind what they’ve been up to.

THAT said, if sharing everything makes yourself feel better, Calvin or anyone else in that sitch, just do it. You’re a superstar deejay, utilise your contacts and get Instagramming.

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