Calvin Harris Shares A Picture Of Taylor Swift's Cats... And 6 Other Signs Your Relationship's Serious

Calvin Harris Shares A Picture Of Taylor Swift's Cats... And 6 Other Signs Your Relationship's Serious

Forget putting a ring on it, when a man Instagrams your cats you know he's serious. But that's not the only indicator, here's six of the biggest signs that you're with a total keeper..

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift have had the Internet romance rumour mill going at full pelt these past few weeks, ever since they stepped out wearing matching outfits on a shopping trip at the end of March. (It was probably just a coincidence, but still, they've clearly got a connection..)

Since then, the pair have continued to feed the fire by leaving clubs holding hands and taking long drives around sunny LA together. However, nothing has assured us of their burgeoning relationship more than Calvin sharing a picture of Taylor's beloved cats on Instagram.

Anyone that knows Taylor (and we feel like we do), knows that her felines Olivia Benson and Meredith Gray are big priorities in her life. Letting Calvin get close to them is one thing, but the fact he's such a fan of them too sends a clear message – this is serious.


If this has got you wondering where exactly you stand with that man you met off Tinder, here's six ways to tell if he's a keeper...

1. He lets you watch lame TV. Millionaire Matchmaker, Real Housewives, Dinner Date - they're not exactly testosterone fests. And much as the feminist in us wants to pretend we're all over the Snooker World Championships live from the Crucible, so sue us, we kind of really want to know how the date between Brad from Manhattan and Stacey from new Jersey worked out. A keeper will wield the remote in your favour and yes, he'll rub your feet and not comment on your chipped pedicure whilst he's doing it.

2. You can confidently steal his chips. Men are kind of territorial when it comes to their food. Call it a caveman thing, or call it a plain old fashioned greed thing, but a woman they don't feel invested in will get the death stare if her hands come within a five mile radius of his plate. So if you reach over to take a handful of fries and he looks at you lovingly, congrats, your toothbrush is welcome in his bathroom.

3. The word girlfriend doesn't make him choke. We've all been with that guy, the one who says he 'hates labels' and says you're 'kind of seeing each other, sorta thing'. This type of guy is identifiable by his skinny jeans, Hoxton facial hair and the guitar that he carries around but can't play. The only way to deal with these guys is to send them a link to But the keeper? He won't fear the G word.

4. He doesn't keep you a dirty secret. Ok, so maybe those fantasies you had of of Richard Curtis movie dinner parties in Oxfordshire with his hilarious family (who all look like Hugh Bonneville) pouring Malbec were a little wide of the mark, but please, if it's been six months and you haven't met the friends or family? You are a less a girlfriend, more a Game of Thrones concubine  - take your plaits and your dignity and run.

5. He bigs you up on social media. If he's showing your Instagram pics love, liking your Facebook statuses and retweeting you on Twitter, that's his equivalent of the Tom Cruise on Oprah couch jump (except less freaky) or the ten-year-old him showing off his BMX bike, 'LOOK WHAT I GOT? ISN'T SHE COOL?! AREN'T I LUCKY?' However, if he's ignoring your instagram gems and retweeting and liking the hell out of some woman called @singleandblondeboys! who posts endless shots of her cleavage, it might be time to think about ordering an Uber.

6. He leaves his stuff at yours. That shaving gel and razor, the old Gap T-shirt with the paint stains on it, the pair of flip flips and the book on Arsene Wenger's managerial style. Ok so they may seem like insignificant bits and bobs to you, but that's the equivalent of him lining all his soldiers up in a row. Or if you prefer, a tom cat marking his territory.

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