Caitlyn Jenner Works The Suit Jacket & Lacy Bra Combo Like A Pro

Caitlyn Jenner Works The Suit Jacket & Lacy Bra Combo Like A Pro

Caitlyn Jenner's latest look proves she's really coming into her stylish own...

Caitlyn Jenner made headlines after she completed her transformation earlier this year, and ever since she went public, we’ve been gripped at her triumphs along the way. Some have been big (winning the acclaimed Arthur Ashe courage award at the ESPYs has to be up there), while some have been small, in the encouraging tweets and posts she’s sent to people dealing with their own transgender issues.

Another accolade it’s worth noting is that she’s taken her new style completely in her stride, and has been wowing us with her sophisticated outfit choices non-stop for the last few months. However, we reckon her latest look has to be her chicest yet. 

Attending the Voices on Point event alongside fellow Olympian Greg Louganis on Saturday night, the 65-year-old looked stunning in a red jacket and trouser suit, which she paired gold drop earrings and metallic heels.

Wearing a coordinating red lace bra underneath her tailored jacket, Caitlyn's look was perfectly on point in the sophisticated and sexy stakes. Yep, she's found her fashion zen...

In one of the first episodes of her TV series I Am Cait, the 65-year-old revealed just which star has inspired her chic fashion sense. Can you guess who it was?

The former Olympian admitted that she's been looking to  Angelina Jolie for inspiration in the style stakes. Now that she mentions it, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

For her ESPYs appearance, Caitlyn called on the assistance of Jen Rade – Angelina’s very own personal stylist – to help her dress for the part. So yeah, you could say that Angie’s been pretty integral to Caitlyn’s new appearance.

Speaking on the show, Caitlyn said of the Hollywood actress: ‘I love her look – very casual, very elegant.’

Now that she’s pointed it out, we can see a LOT of Angelina in Caitlyn’s various get-ups. Here’s just a selection of some of her best outfits yet and the Oscar-winner’s looks that inspired them…

Uncanny, isn't it?

Yep, we reckon Caitlyn Jenner has chosen herself an exemplary fashion muse.

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