Caitlyn Jenner Reveals How She Chose Her Now Iconic First Name

Caitlyn Jenner Reveals How She Chose Her Now Iconic First Name

Caitlyn Jenner has unveiled just how she settled on her first name and explains it was way harder to choose than she expected...

Caitlyn Jenner has revealed that one of the biggest struggles on her journey to womanhood and completing her transformation into herself was something that we'd all find incredibly difficult to do as well. 

In her tell-all interview with Vanity Fair which accompanies her first ever photo shoot, Caitlyn reveals just how she managed to settle on her now iconic first name. To be fair, she certainly thought outside the box when it came to choosing it. 

Speaking candidly, she admitted that: 'It's one of the hardest things in life – choosing your own name.'

So, instead of looking up endless websites jam packed with every name under the sun, Caitlyn trawled through hours Miss America pageant footage and found herself browsing through the contestants' names to see if any of them jumped out at her. She then came up with her shortlist, and Caitlyn was one of the contenders. 

Up there on her list of favourites were the names Cathy and Heather became strong contenders, but there was something about the name Caitlyn that just felt right. 

However, still unsure of which name to choose, the former Olympian and reality TV star credits someone very close to her for helping to make up her mind. 

As she explains in the interview in more depth, the minute her assistant Rhonda randomly mentioned liking the name Caitlyn, she took it as a sign and went with it — and what a sign it turned out to be.

Also quizzed on her name's spelling, Caitlyn also revealed that spelling it with a 'K' was never so much as a thought. 

However, not everyone will know that she's not the only Caitlyn in the famous family — her son Brody's is actually called Kaitlynn (yes, WITH a K). Those of you who have a friend or work colleague with the same name as yourself will know how annoying it is when someone calls it out and you both answer. Yep, the Caitlyn's have all of that fun to come... 

Now that she's officially changed her Twitter handle to @Caitlyn_Jenner and subsequently kick-started the global trend #CallMeCaitlyn, there's probably no chance of changing it now is there?

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