Café Society: 7 Reasons You Need To Watch K-Stew's New Film This Weekend

Café Society: 7 Reasons You Need To Watch K-Stew's New Film This Weekend

Café Society is the only film you need to watch this weekend

Need a film to watch this weekend? Woody Allen’s latest movie Café Society is easily the dreamiest way to spend a couple of hours, featuring a gorgeous cast (Blake, Kristen, Jesse and more) and slinky 1930s costumes that make us wish we were listening to jazz with a dry martini.

Hopping from a family home in New York to the high-society of Hollywood, Café Society is a film about unexpected love stories, but this is no rom-com. If you still need a reason to go and see Café Society this weekend, we’ve got 7…

1. Kristen Stewart is unrecognisable as Vonnie, a cool-girl secretary with a penchant for gingham crop tops, ribbon headbands and peach playsuits - pretty different from K-Stew’s usual style of boyfriend jeans and Vans. 

2. Blake Lively is super sultry as Veronica Hayes, the silver-screen starlet with bombshell beauty looks. We’re talking Hollywood waves, smokey eyes and deep, plum lips.

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3. Did we mention Jesse Eisenberg plays Bobby, a New Yorker who moves to Hollywood to make it in the film industry, thanks to his Uncle Phil (Steve Carell)? We never expected Steve in a Woody Allen film, but he’s surprisingly perfect. 

4. Café Society is a love letter to Hollywood, with dreamy scenery that looks like it’s been drenched in Valencia. If Hollywood is the film’s wife, New York is the mistress.

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5. It’s Woody Allen’s latest masterpiece. If you’re a fan of Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Magic In The Moonlight and Midnight In Paris, Café Society will easily be your new favourite movie.  

6. Woody might not be in the film, but you’ll hear him narrate.

7. While the characters are typically Woody, the plot isn’t. Every time you think you know what’s about to happen, think again…

Café Society is out on Friday, September 2nd

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