Okay, hands up who kind of fancies Brooklyn Beckham, even though you'd NEVER admit it in public.

Oh, you liars.

Sure, I admit that as a thirty-something woman, it's morally wrong to look at pictures of Master Beckham and think 'ooh, he's cute', but wait... before you all start calling me out as a boy-stalking weirdo, there is (I promise) some method to my madness.

See, Brooklyn and his penchant for arty B&W Instagrams, cruising in his car and listening to cult indie music just makes me feel well, a little nostalgic. True, a little old too, but no doubt about it, Brooklyn Beckham reminds of THAT boy I was hopelessly crushing on in college.

The boy with the cool ride, the boy with the hopelessly gorgeous GF, the boy with edge... and sadly, the boy I could never hope to win.


C'mon ladies, this is why you feel that small flutter of love's loss when BB posts his latest moody (and teenage) Insta snap. Here are the 11 reasons why Brooklyn Beckham is basically your ex-college crush. Why? See the below.

(It's ok... we'll get through this together)

1. The sneaks

Uh, who DIDN'T own a pair of these Vans back in your hometown? Our crush wore them whilst nonchalantly lounging outside the library building, sipping a Coke... and we swooned from afar.


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2. The festivals

The reason we crushed on this guy was because he'd snuck into Glastonbury... twice.


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3. The photography

We'd spy him taking snaps on his battered SLR and suddenly wished we looked a little bit more like Kate Moss.


4. The car

He'd cruise into the college car park in that souped-up Fiesta and our hearts would melt.


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5. The girlfriend

Of course, he was dating the most popular, most coolest girl out there. And it was infuriating.


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6. The bands

He'd walk around with The Stone Roses spilling from his Sony Discman - and we hurried home to write Ian Brown's name on our pencil case.


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7. The family

Of course he had a great relationship with his parents. The guy was basically perfect.


Happy birthday dad. I'm so lucky to have a dad and a hero all in one! Love you so much

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8. The style

Could we put a finger on this guy's style? Never.


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9. The skateboarding

We tried to slip the word 'ollie' into our vocabularly every time he was within earshot.


I see you

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10. The bros

When he wasn't rocking that moody lone wolf vibe, he'd chill with his posse - in the Sainsbury's car park.


Fun night. @iam_objxiii @haileesteinfeld @zendaya

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11. And finally, the legacy...

Continued below...

Oh Brooklyn. Thanks for tapping into these long-lost memories. It's been a slice.


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