Britney Spears Spent HOW Much On Her Dog? The Receipts Are In…

Britney Spears Spent HOW Much On Her Dog? The Receipts Are In…

Britney Spears might be a mother of two, but she’s clearly obsessed with her pooches – the pop princess spent over $24k on pet sitting and grooming, and has a not-so-secret obsession with Target…

Britney Spears might have a residency in Vegas, seven number one albums and a history of general pop superstardom, but there’s nothing more important to her than her…dog. In the past year alone, the princess of pop spent a massive $24,720.95 on caring for her pooch, including $14,720 on pet sitting, $300 a go on a groomer and $4,000 on visits to the vet. Those trips to the animal hospital were probably a necessity, but $14 grand on pet sitting? Does Brit not know any fellow dog lovers who’d be willing to take care of her puppies for a few hours while she’s out, you know, performing to thousands of fans?!

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Of the $14 million in profits Brit raked in last year (and that’s not including other sources of income worth over $31.9 million not revealed in the legal document), Spears spent $15,270 (that’s $41.83 a day) on meals and entertainment, including Starbucks runs, and a huge $41,471.28 on household supplies, most of which came from Target. Yep, that’s right, even millionaire Britney can’t get enough of the American discount retailer. She did still splurge on the odd occasion though – after all, it’s not like she can’t afford it.

Britney’s fashion has always been… true to her roots, but in 2014 alone Brit spent $49,383.35 on boosting her wardrobe and $19,791.69 on make-up and hairdressing – hardly surprising when you consider the girl is midway through a four year Las Vegas residency. Maybe that glitz rubbed off when it came to Christmas 2014, as Britney went all out with $3,058 on Christmas decorations (the same amount of money she spent on presents, FYI), another $4,000 for Halloween and an extra $2,942 on various other holiday bits and pieces. We just pop to Poundland, if we’re honest… Then again, we don’t have homes in Malibu, Louisiana and California worth $963,139.11.

Even after coughing up nearly $5.7 million on stuff, as well as caring for the pooches and raking in the real estate, Britney was left with $45,982,505.75 by New Year’s Eve. Bottles on you then, Brit?

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