Why Britney Spears Is My Diet Hero, By Deliciously Stella

Why Britney Spears Is My Diet Hero, By Deliciously Stella

Britney Spears' food shopping list has been leaked online - and it's glorious. Arabella Younger, author of spoof Instagram account Deliciously Stella, tells us why Britters is her new diet hero.

Our new Instagram obsession? Spoof account Deliciously Stella. Run by 28-year-old comedian Arabella Younger, @DeliciouslyStella sends up the trend for posting filtered #EatClean food pictures on Instagram. Here's one hilarious example: 

Now that Britney Spears's food shopping list has been leaked online, which features Oreos, ice cream drumsticks and (gasp!) white bread - basically as far from the usual A-list grocery list as it gets, Deliciously Stella tells us why the popstar is her personal diet hero...

All hail Britney Spears! Pop music’s queen does not ‘eat clean’ and lest we were in any doubt, a ‘respected music memorabilia company’ are selling her grocery list on ebay to prove it. 

All I can say is, what a woman. You can be an international pop superstar and mother, earning 500k a week and still eat white bread?! Is she even a woman?

I wonder how much beach yoga she has to do to counteract all that BACON she’s eating. Well none probably because she dances her ass off like the goddess she is in Vegas every night.

Can we also take a minute to say ‘God Bless America.’ ‘Every day’s a cheat day’ is my personal mantra and the land of the free is my spiritual home. In America, they sell dominos dip to put on salad, they just call it ranch dressing and sell it in jars! 

Britney Spears's leaked shopping list also proves she has the greatest taste in snacks of all time! Cinammon rolls, double stuffed oreos, fruity pebbles, BABY ICE CREAM DRUMSTICKS… what are these mythical treats? Take me to your supermarket, Britney! Let me get fit doing captain crunches with you! 

On a serious note, I’m also very pleased that Britney is making sure to keep hydrated. 

Dr Pepper, Sprite and Capri Sun are all excellent choices to keep your sugar levels up on a busy day and since they're all fruit based she is being really sensible about getting her 5 a day. 

It's good that she is making time for all the things in her busy schedule, like motherhood and being the only person on earth to look hot in red pleather. Hotdogs and ready-made mac 'n cheese are excellent time savers and both totally delicious. And let's be frank, given the choice between courgettios and spaghetti-os, I know which aisle I’d choose.

Britney, I’m a slave for you and your shopping list. Let’s grab dinner some time yeah? 


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