The 17 Signature Dance Moves Of Britney Spears, Explained In GIFs

The 17 Signature Dance Moves Of Britney Spears, Explained In GIFs

Britney Spears has teased her new music video, and you know what that means....

Britney Spears' dance moves are the stuff of noughties legend, and now that she's gone and teased her brand new music video on Instagram Stories, we thought it only fitting to pay tribute to some of her most fiercest dance moves to date.

It's fair to say that Britney is a fan of arms — elaborate arm shapes are most definitely her thang — together with a sexy extended hip roll, a (slightly agressive) boob pump (or three), and a LOT of hair zhuzhing.

Oh Britney, we're SO glad you're back. So, come along on this dance journey with us as we revisit some of Britney Spears' most iconic music videos.

We bet you'll be busting these moves out on a dancefloor very, very soon...

1. The 'I'm A Little Cat' 

This is a strong one. It makes a definite point.

2. The 'Head Flick'

Brit was definitely a fan of the sassy head flick. 

3. The 'Prowling Tiger'


4. The 'Chair Roll'

Britney was always partial to a bit of chair action.

5. The 'Sexy Chair Grind'

Point in question.

6. The 'Stayin' Alive'

Making like a Bee Gee.

7. The 'Boob Circle'

Yep, there they are.

8. The 'Tap Shimmy Shimmy'

We be walking to Geography like... 

9. The 'In Da Club Ballet Thrust'

What was up with this? Why did we love this SO MUCH?!

10. The 'Rogue Shoulder'

Britney's shoulder was sassy enough to have it's own chat show.

11.  The 'Pump, Pray, Expand'

Boom, boom, BOOM!

12. The 'Hit The Deck' 

Don't over commit here. You'll knock yourself out.

13. The 'Hug Extend'


12. The 'Aggy Boob Pump'

It's actually just too sexy for words.

13. The 'Messy Face'

Moving swiftly into the Boob/Belly Rub.


15. The 'Playing The Flute'

Either side. Britney has all the skills.

16. The 'Boss'

Britney had some serious swagger.

17. And finally, The 'Hallelujah'

All hail Britney. Queen of the dance.






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