The 15 Important Life Lessons We Learned From Bridget Jones

The 15 Important Life Lessons We Learned From Bridget Jones

To celebrate the release of Bridget Jones's Baby, here's 15 times she gave us all the lifespo

Bridget Jones's Diary. Do you remember where you were when you watched the movie for the very first time? Sure you do.

Chances are you were at Uni, maybe college. Maybe even school. But age aside, we bet that after watching Bridget Jones (and those big knickers) bag herself a very handsome Colin Firth AKA Mr Darcy, you were left smitten with a lovely feeling of youthful optimism - right? Right.

It's ok. We did too.

Well, believe it or not, Bridget Jones's Baby — starring the lovely Renée Zellweger — is finally here, and to celebrate we thought we'd take a nostalgic look back at all the lessons Bridget Jones has taught us about life and love now that we are a little older and (allegedly) wiser.

Lead on Bridge...

1. That you need a man to be happy
Oh Bridget. Life has taught us that a duvet and a tub of ice-cream beats a million crappy Tinder dates. You're fine girl.

2. That being slim bags you a boyf
Thank heavens Bridget helped us all get past this clanger. Difference is now we're older we don't even own a set of scales.

3. That everyone needs to hear you rag on yourself
Bridget was the queen of oversharing, and we loved it. Lately, we've learned to rein it in. No one needs to hear how you accidently farted on the treadmill at the gym earlier.

4. That you should never limit the pool
Welcome to the wonderful world of online dating Bridget.

5. That self-waxing is never a good idea
We don't care how last-minute the date is. Third degree wax burns and bruising around the lady area? Zero sexy points.

6. That a sexy costume brings ALL the game
A sexy bunny costume would have totally rocked once upon a time, right? Now, we look back on this classic Bridget Jones moment and shudder. Not even if our boyfriend begged us...on his birthday. No. Just no.

7. That smoking in your parents' gaff is acceptable behaviour
Uh, massive no-no these days. It's the front step or nothing guys.

8. That it snows when anything remotely romantic happens
This one took a long time to get over. Especially when living in London. Snow ruins your shoes and breaks the Tube. Last thing you'd want to do is have a 'moment' under those kind of circumstances.

9. Always leave dinner parties to the professionals
There's a reason that sushi-making set doubles so handily as a storage unit. You are an awful cook. Own it.

10. Make your peace with the fact that these things sometimes happen
Maybe not quite this spectacularly, but as we've gotten older (and as women) we've learned to embrace the law of the sod. It usually happens before blind dates, awkward family get-togethers and job interviews.

11. Learn to roll with the punches
See, we've become too sensitive these days. We are instantly turned off by a guy if he a) shows a penchant for cats, b) pronounces his 't's weird or, c) wears vests. Bridget, we should be taking a leaf out of your book in this modern age. He's mean to you because he fancies you. This is where we've been going wrong...

12. Don't EVER settle for second best
Even if he does look like Hugh Grant. Go for the vest-wearing cat guy who says his 't's all wrong.

13. That it's completely ok to make a berk of yourself at the office Christmas party
It's 2016 and we're still doing it. Bridget and her silver boppers lives on in all of us.

14. Never judge a man based on his Christmas jumper
What was once naff is now considered a (kind of) sexy Christmas garment. Come on, how many times have you snogged a guy in a Rudolf jumper? Don't be ashamed.

15. And finally, if a guy you only think you like says something like this to you...
...chances are he's not full of BS. Unless he's sent a WhatsApp. If he did, go back to the cat guy.


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