EU Referendum


Brexit – it’s the ship name for the EU referendum, and there’s now nothing we can do about the result, so we’ve knocked up a list of 47 things we’d rather be IN right now (including Europe).   

1. In bed
2. In an Italian restaurant
3. In leggings
4. In pyjamas
5. In Birkenstocks
6. In love
7. In a committed relationship
8. …with Netflix
9. In Ibiza
10. In our dressing gowns
11. In a beach hammock
12. In our dream job
13. In a decent pension scheme
14. In a cheese and wine club
15. In a Whatsapp group chat
16. In a rock band
17. In a shopping centre after it closes
18. Inside when your hayfever is stressing you out
19. In a multi-million film franchise
20. In Mark Zuckerberg’s bank account
21. In Hogwarts
22. In a Calvin Harris music video
23. In Taylor Swift’s squad #awkward
24. In first class flying to the Caribbean
25. (In first class anything)
26. In the new Star Wars film
27. In a world-famous dance troupe
28. In a Chewbacca mask
29. In a viral YouTube video
30. In Gossip Girl
31. In a fashion dynasty
32. In Jon Snow’s saddlebag
33. In Chanel
34. In Paris
35. In space
36. In good health
37. In good shape
38. In a street style photoshoot
39. In couture
40. In credit (sorry overdraft)
41. In flats
42. In Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory
43. In a telephone conversation with a foreseeable end-point
44. In a fast-moving queue
45. In a Twitter exchange siding with Chrissy Teigen
46. In the Crystal Maze – or Takeshi’s Castle

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47. And last, but certainly not least, we’d rather be IN Europe