BREAKING NEWS: One Direction Announce New Band Member

BREAKING NEWS: One Direction Announce New Band Member

The 1D fandom has been shaken to its core this week with the shock departure of Zayn Malik from the band. But we're pretty excited about who is going to be filling his shoes.

Hasn't it been a turbulent week for the world's biggest boy band One Direction? Last Wednesday Zayn Malik announced that he was leaving the band after five years, causing its vast army of Twitter fans to go into meltdown.

A few days later, the news came out that Zayn would be launching his very own solo career - despite quitting the band due to the pressures of fame (cue more hysterics). Then yesterday rapper Naughty Boy upset the apple cart even further by tweeting a demo track of Zayn's first solo material.

So all in all, a pretty emotional time.

Since Zayn's shock departure Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry have insisted that they will be staying together despite the revelations. And today, 1D fans can be cheered by the news that a new member will be joining them.

And this man - ladies and gents - is Jason Orange.

We haven't seen much of Jason after he too announced he was leaving his own band Take That last year. At the time Take That fans were saddened by the news that Gary, Mark and Howard would be the only members left, and it was widely believed that Jason would be stepping away from music for good.

But all this changed when a statement was released announcing Jason as 1D's new fifth member. "I've been considering a return to music for quite some time" he said at a press conference early this morning, "then the One Direction position opened up and it seemed like the perfect opportunity."

At 44 years old Jason is almost twice the age of the rest of the band, but he refuted claims he would not fit in: "that's just ageist" he responded, "One Direction have fans of all ages, not just teenagers, and a mature, bearded hot fox like me could be just what the boys need to shake things up."

Jason is thought to be joining the band formally when they return from their current tour, though no news yet on when we'll see a single with Orange in the picture.

Watch this space.

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