Brad hitches a ride off a pap

Brad hitches a ride off a pap
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Paparazzo comes to A-lister’s rescue

So what exactly does an A-lister do when stranded on a quiet Hollywood street? Ask Brad Pitt. His vintage motorbike broke down in a residential area near Franklin Village, Los Angeles, the other day... Did he call on one of his entourage? The RAC? Or even Angelina? Oh no. Our cool, down-to-earth megastar simply bummed a ride off a nearby paparazzo and left his bike on the street. Well, hats off to the snapper... That does impress us much.

Meanwhile, in Melbourne, Australia, Tinseltown's top gun Tom Cruise became a pap for a day... The just-turned 47-year-old actor and wife Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri were meeting the cast of the award-winning musical Jersey Boys at the Princess Theatre, when cheeky Tom grabbed hold of the camera of Herald Sun photographer David Caird and started taking photos himself. How adorable is that?

Way to go A-listers! Keep on keeping it real. We do like a story with a happy ending.

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