Lenny Kravitz

Big love for Lenny

It’s a well known fact that girls love boys in bands, right? Give a guy a guitar and he’s suddenly a hundred times more attractive than he ever was before. Put him on stage, and he’s gone from friend-zone to crush-worthy in less time than it takes to put out an independent vinyl-only EP.

There’s something about musical talent (or, you know, an attempt at playing anything) that has girls fawning over guys who don’t necessarily have those stereotypical movie star looks. Just look at Alex Turner, who’s gone from shaggy hair and Lacoste polo shirts to Saint Laurent suits and a slicked back quiff since Arctic Monkeys started out 10 years ago. I was swooning then, and I’m still swooning now – especially with Miles Kane in the mix. 

Other personal favourites include Josh Homme, Van McCann from Catfish And The Bottlemen and Miles Teller - only after watching Whiplash (it was that 10 minute drum solo...) - none of whom I’d love quite as much as I do without their solo face (a mix of passion and pain) and ‘don’t give a f*ck’ attitude…    

Don’t think the boys don’t know it, either. In a very unofficial survey of my male friends in bands, a grand total of 100% said that female attention was part of why they started to get melodic in the first place; ‘It's the only reason a teenage boy does music’ in fact. And even if the girls are ‘crazy, which is pretty awk, it funds the ego all the same’.

Yes, even freshly signed band members have had girls cry because there were no more EPs left, or been followed to band practice thanks to their irresistible drum kit. Be still, my beating heart…

Alex Turner

It’s GOT to be something to do with the way they dress. Rock stars can wear PVC leggings and ruffled blouses and be just as sexy as any Hollywood heartthrob. Give me David Bowie in a dress over a rugged rugby player any day of the week. It helps having model girlfriends to steal style inspo from; think Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty (and current husband, Jamie Hince of The Kills), Alexa Chung and Alex Turner and Jack White and Karen Elson… In short, I’m into it, and I'm after those cuban-heeled boots, too.

Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger

Let's get real – unless they're getting decent radio play, boys in bands probably don't have a lot of cash, spend their evenings hanging around in sticky venues and have an excuse for not coming to any get together ('sorry, I've got band practice', prompting me to literally ask if I'd ever see them again - I got no reply), but as long as they keep strumming, girls will keep screaming. That rock'n'roll, hey…

Before you head out, what does your band t-shirt say about you?