Blake Lively's Valentine's Gift Proves It's The Thought That REALLY Counts

Blake Lively's Valentine's Gift Proves It's The Thought That REALLY Counts

Ryan Reynolds is a lucky guy on so many levels...

Blake Lively may have more net worth in her little finger than we could ever hope to have in a lifetime but as her latest Instagram snap shows, she's still very much a down to earth kind of gal. 

The 27-year-old actress, who gave birth to her first child (a beautiful daughter at that) with hunky husband Ryan Reynolds days before 2014 came to a close, has been easing herself back onto social media while juggling the duties of her new-found motherhood, keeping up-to-speed with her lifestyle website Preserve and getting back to work in her film career. And while her posts have been few and far between over the last six weeks, what she has shared has been worth the wait. 

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Gearing up for Valentine's Day this weekend, Blake shared this super-sweet snap of what she's planning on giving Ryan on the big 14th and it's NOT what you'd expect. 

Dissing OTT and expensive pressies like watches, leather goods and, you know, whatever else a man wants, the Gossip Girl starlet has instead opted to go DIY with a token of her love this year... 

It looks like Blake can add baker to her already very perfect C.V. as it turns out she's going to bestowing her man with some hand-baked cookies on V-Day. 

Sure, the icing may be a bit ski-whiff but the thought is definitely there and has inspired our own Valentine's Day gift-giving to know end. For the less crafty amongst you, you can always consider buying ready-made biscuits and decorating them yourself with some already mixed icing that comes distilled in easy-to-apply tubes.

Don't listen to what people say — it technically still counts as DIY...

For an extra loving touch try emblazoning them with sweet nothings just like Blake, who has opted for the likes of 'Love Me Like XO', 'Hope' and, wait, what?! Does that yellow cookie in the right hand corner say 'Bitch'?

Way too much information there, love...

Check out more of Blake's on-point Valentine's ideas right here.

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