Blake Lively's Reason For Dissing The Met Gala Doesn't Really Add Up...

Blake Lively's Reason For Dissing The Met Gala Doesn't Really Add Up...

Then again, does Blake Lively really need an excuse not to go? SHE CAN DO WHAT SHE LIKES

Blake Lively has been so hot on the promo trail for her new film The Age of Adaline that her Christian Louboutin pumps are practically smoking at the heel, so you'd think the 27-year-old actress would jump at the chance of any extra appearances that'll help push her flick farther into box office profit. Which is probably why everyone was super-surprised that she decided to skip out on Monday night's Met Gala 2015 — AKA the Oscars of the fashion industry. 

And after rocking a colossal TEN outfits in one day last week (and her gorgeous display with her hubby Ryan Reynolds at last year's bash), we know for a fact that she loves nothing more than to get dressed up — and what better night to do it on?

While rumours were rife speculating why the starlet decided to give the glittering event a miss, her agent swifty moved in to clear up the situ before it turned nasty. Her rep said: 'Blake RSVP’d a month ago and said she couldn’t make it. She is shooting back-to-back movies in China and Bangkok.' 

Sure, that's a legit reason if we've ever heard one. Sadly, it's all LIES. 

If Blake was in fact shooting 'back-to-back' on the other side of the world then why, prey tell, was she papped in New York City — the very place where the Met Gala is hosted — a mere five hours before the red carpet kicked off?! Yep, something doesn't add up. 

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Once again promoting her new film, Blake looked incredible in a printed silk tie-waist blouse and co-ordinating skirt which she helped design with print maverick Lindsey Thornburg for her lifestyle website before she then slipped into a pretty printed dress from Carolina.K — another new collaborator for her growing e-commerce empire. 

Now, if the rumours that Blake missed the Met Gala due to illness were to be believed she has to be the most beautiful sick person we've ever seen. 

However the real point of this tale is, should she really have to justify herself? Sure, the details surrounding her no-show are sketchy and her agent has now made the entire situation more gossipy but she's a big girl, can make her own decisions and if she didn't want to go, why the hell should she?! In fact, we can think of a few things she'd prefer to do than accidentally graze Kim Kardashian's bare butt on the red carpet walk...


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