Blake Lively Wore 9 Outfits Yesterday…But Why? WHY?!

Blake Lively Wore 9 Outfits Yesterday…But Why? WHY?!

Eight outfit changes, and half of them before midday, so why on earth did Blake Lively feel the need to wear so many different looks yesterday?

I've definitely been guilty of multiple outfit changes in one day, but for me it's usually been down to boredom or indecision. Or realising just before I leave the house that there's a massive curry stain on my T-shirt. For Hollywood beauty Blake Lively, though, there must be more to it. Because although she's a keen cook and loves her food, I doubt she's as messy an eater as me. So why the wardrobe extravaganza, Blake?

Let's consider the facts. 1) She's promoting her new film, The Age Of Adaline, and her agent booked her a LOT of appearances all in one day. And you can't wear the same frock on three different TV shows, now can you? 2) She looks amazing in everything and is a favourite on best dressed lists, so this is a sure fire way of getting the attention of the press. 3) She gave birth to daughter James with husband Ryan Reynolds a mere FOUR MONTHS ago, and she's keen to show off her absolutely amazing figure. But you can say a lot more than that with clothes, so here are a few of the sartorial messages Blake could have been trying to send us.

Look 1: Marc Jacobs leather and tweed dress
The event: Arriving at Good Morning America
The message: "Did you know my new film is set in the 1940s?"

Well, some of it is. Blake plays a women who mysteriously stops ageing at the age of 29, so she gets to wear lots of different eras in the film - she looks particularly great in Forties fashion, which this Marc Jacobs number is a nod to.

Look 2: Roksanda block colour bodycon dress and matching coat
The event: Good Morning America
The message: "Colour? Print? Bodycon? No probs."

Three things that many women struggle to feel comfortable wearing, and Blake's managed to wear them all at once. She whipped the coat off for the TV show, but it does make the look more wearable for "normal" people (i.e. the rest of the world who, four months after having a baby, are more likely to be found at home in trackie bums and a T-shirt covered in sick).

Look 3: Kristinit pink dress
The event: En route to Kelly and Michael TV Show
The message: "I'm a fan of low-cut tops, what with the breast feeding and everything"

OK, that probably wasn't the reason she chose this revealing dress, but imagine if that stripy section opened up for when baby James needed a feed. It would make us love her even more...

Look 4: Sam and Lavi palm print jumpsuit
The event: Kelly and Michael TV Show
The message: "I'm a mum but I'm still good fun"

This on-trend print shows personality, while the strapless jumpsuit is something more likely to be worn by a teenager. Blake totally pulls it off though.

Look 5: John Galliano embellished skirt, top and jacket
The event: Visiting SivisuXM Studios
The message: "I'm a thoroughly modern woman"

Showing that she suits pretty much anything, up comes the hemline and on goes the bling. Not our favourite look of the day, but that's not to say Blake doesn't look great in it.

Look 6: Cushine et Ochs pink trouser suit
The event: Visiting SivisuXM Studios
The message: "I'm, like, SO on trend"

It's a good job she got changed soon after this picture was taken, as we reckon she would have been pretty hot in this trouser suit. Love those baggy trousers, though, and the top-to-toe pink is bang on trend.

Look 7: Zuhair Murad frock
The event: En route to The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon
The message: "I'm the Queen of Hollywood"

Blake does old school Hollywood glamour like no-one else, and this outfit proves why. With that neckline and string of pearls, she looks like something straight out of a by-gone era.

Look 8: Antonio Berardi bodycon dress
The event: The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon
The message: "I've never felt sexier"

This - the second bodycon dress of the day - is incredibly sexy, despite its high neckline. Love that glossy blow dry, too (you have noticed all the different hairstyles too, right?)

Look 9: spaghetti strap top and Balmain skirt
The event: Late Night With Seth Meyers
The message: "Did I mention I am amazing?"

On one of her many TV appearances yesterday, Blake told Jimmy Fallon that Ryan Reynolds is "pathetic" when it comes to looking after baby James. "He does nothing, I do everything". Blake Lively: Superwoman.

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