Blake Lively Talks VERY Honestly About The Struggles Of Motherhood. Preach...

Blake Lively Talks VERY Honestly About The Struggles Of Motherhood. Preach...

"I get, like, pooped on all of the time". We feel you, Blake...

Blake Lively looks like she has the perfect life, doesn't she? A handsome Hollywood heartthrob for a husband (we're talking Ryan Reynolds, obvs), check. An acting career that just won't quit, check. A successful business under her belt, check. An adorable baby daughter to dot on, check. Yep, on paper it sounds like the 27-year-old Age of Adaline star's world is peachy right now.

And for the most part it is but as she's revealed in her latest interview, things don't come any easier to her than they do the rest of us. 

Sure, she may look like a very modern Supermum by somehow managing to find the time to tend to her daughter James in-between attending premieres, fashion shows and filming her new projects, but when she's at home, she goes through all the struggles that a new mum knows all too well. 

Speaking about her new role as a mother, Blake revealed that she finds it 'awesome and exhausting' all at once — something all you mum's out there will resonate with. 

And while she may look super-stylish whenever we see her out and about, in private it's a completely different situation. Continuing her chat with Yahoo, Blake was very honest about the toll that motherhood has taken on her. She said, 'It's also tough and I get, like, pooped on all the time, and barfed on. And if anything else did this to me, I would club it.' That day with 10 outfit changes totally makes sense now, huh?

However, she went on to say, 'But it's your baby and it's wonderful because even when it's tough, you just think, I'm so fortunate. That's it's wonderful.' How sweet is that? 

Of course, since the birth of James just before the end of last year, Blake has also found that her priorities have completely changed too. In fact, her duties to her daughter almost stopped her from signing on-board with the Age of Adaline film — her new flick which has seen her really make the transition from Serena Van Der Woodsen to leading lady. 

It surprised us to learn that Blake was in the early stages of her pregnancy when she filmed the movie, but before she penned the deal she definitely had second thoughts. She said: 'My personal life has always been my priority. When I was on my show [Gossip Girl], it was completely consuming. I didn't have much room for a personal life, but I did everything I could to carve it out. And that didn't feel good, that I had to work so much at a job where you're outputting so much.' She went on to say, 'When I read Adaline, I actually wasn't ready to go back to work. I wanted to take a bigger break. It had only been like seven months at that point, and I thought, I cannot not be in this movie.'

Who can blame her — a part like that doesn't come around every day. And we're sure baby James will be so proud of her mother's choice when she's finally able to see it too. 

See Blake doing her thing in the Age of Adaline trailer below...

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