Blake Lively Has This To Say To Fans After Closing Her Preserve Website…

Blake Lively Has This To Say To Fans After Closing Her Preserve Website…

Blake Lively has thanked fans for their support, after announcing that she is shutting down her lifestyle site, Preserve. But she promises to come back fighting...

After revealing she is to shut her much talked about website Preserve, Blake Lively has taken to Instagram to thank fans for their well wishes.

'Thank you guys for your support every step of the way in the @preserve_us adventure,' she wrote alongside a snap on Instagram of herself on what looks like a Perserve shoot. 'I couldn't be more grateful!! One day I'll stop wearing so many hats'.

As far as the haters are concerned, she’s not been left too disheartened. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes (in couture, natch), she has plans to revisit her vision in the future.

She said: ‘I'm going to take this hit, and the only way I can prove all the negative reactions wrong is to come back with a plan that will rock people. And I have that plan. And I'm so excited about it, and that's what gave me the courage to do this, to say, 'You know what, I'm going to give myself one more shot at this, and I really have to do it as well as I can do it this time.' And that is the only thing that will impact people. And that's what I'm doing. And I'm totally terrified out of my mind! I've asked my assistant to just play 'Shake It Off' on a loop—it feels really good to listen to it on a loop!’

Proof that if there’s anyone you want around to do some consoling, it’s T-Swift.

Finishing off the interview, Blake revealed she knows all to well that she’ll receive backlash from the shut-down. She said: ‘The news will blow up and I'll look like a jerk and everyone will be really horrible. And then the new news will come out and I'll look like a hero and everyone will be really nice, and then the new site will come out and half will be nice and half will be mean again. I mean, champagne problems—thank God these are the things I get to complain about.’

#ChampagneProblems is our new favourite hashtag. Hands down.

While this has no doubt been an incredible tough decision for Blake to make, we know she’ll give ‘em hell, next time around.

R.I.P Preserve. 

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