Blake Lively Reveals Her Hidden Talent With THIS Amazing Instagram Video...

Blake Lively Reveals Her Hidden Talent With THIS Amazing Instagram Video...

Licking her elbow? Knotting a cherry stem with her tongue? You'll have to watch to find out...

There's no denying that Blake Lively is a woman of many talents.

Not only does she manage to juggle being a mum to her baby daughter with an A-list acting career which sees her travelling the globe, she also runs her very own successful lifestyle site, Preserve. 

And when she's not doing that, Blake finds time to brush up on her new favourite sporting activity.


In a hilarious video posted to her Instagram account yesterday, the 27-year-old film star revealed that she's pretty nifty at speeding down a corridor on chair with wheels.

Yes, really. 

'So, I've finally found a talent. Watch out world. The Indy Chair Racing contest is coming for you...' joked Blake.

'#RaddestJeansEverHuh?! #NoticeMyFaceAtTheEnd. Turns out other people weren't so happy about my talent.'

The clip sees the pretty actress flashing her best smile as she whizzes along at high speed while wearing a pair of extremely distressed trousers.  

She's clearly having an absolute blast. 

Unsurprisingly, Blake's uploaded proved to be extremely entertaining for a number of her 3.8million admirers.

'Cutie and crazy: perfect match,' commented one, while another added: '@blakelively is FREAKIN hysterical! Why have I NOT been a follower until now?!?! #blondevsbronde.' 

If we've learnt one thing from the funny footage, it's that spending a day with Blake would probably be the best thing ever.  

A flick back through a few of Blake's recent posts proves that she really doesn't take herself too seriously - a quality that we love about her.

Not only can she been drenched in tomato juice in a series of snaps from her trip to Italy, the Gossip Girl glamazon also pretends to be a mime artist in another. 

'Who's the class clown now suckers?!?!?!?!! Oh... Still me. Hmm. Mmk. Nevemind,' she captioned the silly snap.

'#BestJobEver #CanCirqueDuSoleilPleaseSeeThisAndInviteMeToJoinPlease.'

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