Blake Lively Needs *You* To Help Her Solve This Age-Old Fashion Dilemma

Blake Lively Needs *You* To Help Her Solve This Age-Old Fashion Dilemma

We feel you, Blake...

Blake Lively is certainly no stranger to picking out a gorgeous red carpet look but it seems as if the A-list actress came across a spot of bother with regards to her show choice for a low-key outing last night. 

Taking to her Instagram account yesterday evening, the 27-year-old new mum and wife of Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Reynolds posted this super-tricky conundrum to her 1.7 million-strong following. Needless to say, the results seriously divided opinion... 

The shot, which featured Blake rocking a hot snake-print cut out heel on her left foot and a blue suede and patent loafer on her right, she posed the question: 'Which should I wear out tonight? Heels or flats. Or both?!?! #TheLastThingINEEDisANewShoeDesignerObsession #SarahFlint'. 

Obviously smitten with both the shoes from emerging designer Sarah Flint, Blake found it impossible to choose. Who can blame her, really? They're both beaut! 

Apparently her followers found it just as tough to decide as a debate broke out on which pair she should indeed don. And, without knowing what the rest of her outfit looked like, we're equally on the fence... 

So, which shoes did she choose you ask? We don't know! She hasn't posted a follow-up yet so you're guess it as good as ours. Lets hope she puts us out of our misery ASAP.

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