Blake Lively’s Very Fashionable Tribute To Her Daughter, James

Blake Lively’s Very Fashionable Tribute To Her Daughter, James

Blake Lively has immortalised her daughter in the most stylish way possible…

Personalised baby blankets are, like, so 2012 (whatever that means). Instead, A-listers are finding new ways to pay tribute to their children.

David Beckham has honoured his brood with a host of tattoos baring his children’s names, while Eva Mendes has a huge emerald ring (her rumoured engagement ring, FYI) which signifies her daughter Esmeralda. Cute, huh? And now Blake Lively is getting on in the action by naming something seriously stylish after her eight-month-old daughter.

Uploaded to the shop on her very own lifestyle website over the weekend, the 28-year-old actress has named a £560 handbag ‘James’ as a homage to her and Ryan Reynolds’s first child.

However, this is no regular handbag. Listed on the site as a ‘diaper holdall’, this has to be the fanciest nappy bag we’ve ever seen…

According to the product bio, the bag is made from luxe Horween leather, lined with a premium plaid fabric and features a brass zip fastening that’s been hand-selected and imported from Switzerland. Because, why would you carry your baby's nappies and Johnson’s powder in anything else? God forbid...

Available in a deep red or a sleek navy shade, Blake designed the bag herself and later had it crafted by Sandast, a company which specialises in bespoke leather pieces with a vintage edge - and ther very same manufacturer that supplied her arm candy through the ages in her latest flick The Age Of Adaline. Not a bad gig then, as it turns out.

And while it’ll set you back a few bob, this is only the second most expensive celeb nappy bag that we’ve seen in the last year. Kim Kardashian storms into first place with her £10,000 Hermès Birkin, which she used as a diaper-come-gym bag. Yep, this is the ultimate A-list mum’s prerogative.

Would you tote the James?

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