Blake Lively Is The Ultimate Timeless Beauty In These New 'Age Of Adaline' Pics

Blake Lively Is The Ultimate Timeless Beauty In These New 'Age Of Adaline' Pics

Blake Lively's transformation through the decades in The Age of Adaline will leave you awe-struck (and pinning over finger waves...)

Blake Lively may have been spending most her time doting over her newborn daughter since giving birth just before New Year but it looks like she's going to have to give up some of that special bonding time soon as the April release of her new flick The Age of Adaline — her first film role since becoming a mother — draws ever nearer.

For those of you who haven't heard of the film just yet, we'll break it down for you... 

Kicking off in the bygone '30s, Blake takes on the role of Adaline Bowman; a young married woman with a new baby daughter. However, after a terrible accident, Adaline finds that she can no longer age and as those around her continue to go on with their lives, she's left in her ever-young state to watch the ones she loves move on and pass her by. 

Culminating in the present day, it would definitely be fair to say that the 27-year-old actress undergoes some major transformations along the way, especially in the fashion, hair and beauty stakes. 

So, to celebrate the film's impending release, the bigwigs behind the flick have released a series of utterly stunning posters that depict Blake through the ages rocking every retro trend of note.

From '40s finger waves and a full '60s fringe to flapper dresses and rouged cheeks, Blake proves that she's the ultimate timeless beauty as we see her make her way through the decades. Oh, what we wouldn't give to have those everlasting genes... 

Of all of Blake's transformations throughout the film, our beauty highlights have to be when she's sporting those wartime waves or that retro head scarf.

Seriously, is there no look this lady can't pull off?! What a babe... 

Check out Blake in her first post-motherhood role in The Age of Adaline trailer below. We, for one, can't wait to see her back on the promo tour; bring on the frocks!

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