Blake Lively Is The Latest Celebrity To Bag A Hot Denim Collab...

Blake Lively Is The Latest Celebrity To Bag A Hot Denim Collab...

Blake Lively is set to turn her hand as a designer for the first time for an ultra cool denim brand that's already a fav among the A-list

Is there nothing that Blake Lively can't do? Not content with being a gorgeous actress with a hunky husband on her arm, the 27-year-old starlet went out to prove that she could conquer the digital world too with her very own lifestyle website Preserve which now has a loyal and very dedicated following. 

Of course, we need not remind you that Blake also gave birth to she and Ryan Reynolds first child — a daughter — back in December, so you can also add the title of new mum to her roster. However, as it turns out, she has also set her sights on becoming a designer. And yes, she'll probably be brilliant at that too...

That's right, our ultimate girl crush has just revealed that she is going to be working very closely with a hot denim brand on an exclusive SS15 range.

The label in question? Rialto Jean Project; an eco-friendly, philanthropic denim brand specialising in hand-painted, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces — for those of you unfamiliar with Preserve, that's pretty on-brand stuff. 

Chances are you probably haven't heard of the brand directly but lots of you will have unwittingly seen it out and about because it's already a bonafide fashion hit with the A-list. In the last couple of weeks alone Jessica Alba and Gwen Stefani have been clocked rocking a pair of its statement jeans that, to be frank, are pretty hard to miss.

What the Rialto Jean Project does is hand-paint and embellish denim staples, making each piece completely one of a kind. While their trademark design is paint splatters, they also use the fabric as a canvas to create and showcase ornate artworks — something it looks like Blake is keen to focus on with her own designs.

Taking to her Instagram to unveil the collab, Blake can be seen modelling a pair of strides adorned with pink sequins to create the pattern of a blossom tree while her friend sports a pair of classic painterly jeans. 

We may have to wait a few weeks until Blake's final designs are revealed but, regardless of what they look like, we'll likely be snapping up a pair for ourselves. Because, you know, having the same jeans as Blake just like her. Right...?

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