9 Times Blake Lively Was The Funniest Celeb On Instagram

9 Times Blake Lively Was The Funniest Celeb On Instagram

Blake Lively may have only joined Instagram last year, but she's already become our celeb go-to. As a homage to her brilliant, fashionable and downright hilarious feed, we chart the times when she officially won at Insta...

Blake Lively is, relatively speaking, an Instagram newbie. Having joined the social media platform just last year, the 28-year-old actress initially started her account to launch and promote her own lifestyle website, Preserve. However, she's since become a self-confessed Instagtam addict, and has carved out one of the most hilarious celebrity accounts on the app. Considering she's got the starry likes of Kim Kardashian, Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna to contend with, that's no mean feat. 

What makes her feed so great, you ask? Clearly being married to funny-man Ryan Reynolds has rubbed off on the Gossip Girl starlet, as she's become more and more witty, adventurous (and often totally random) with her captions. Oh, and don't even get us started on the epic dressing up sessions she posts direct from her walk-in wardrobe. 

In short, whatever you're looking for on Instagram - whether it's a laugh, photos of her hot hubby (yep, she can't stop herself from posting snaps of Ryan) or style inspiration - Blake's account has got it all. Here are the posts that have had us hooked on Blake's Instagram since day one...

1. That time she threw 'shade' at Kate Middleton
Ok, let's get one thing straight. She did not say anything awful about the Duchess of Cambridge, she merely said that she was tried dressing like her. Captioning her shot: 'I was beginning to Duchess of Cambridge it a bit too often, except not awesome like she does it. Thank you @preserve_us for intervening with our killer new threads. Obsessed. My mama still wins as best dressed though. All in favour say aye!'

Did we mention her caption game is strong?

2. When she tells it like it really is...
We feel you, Blake.


...who hid a candid camera in my room?!! #IWISHmyBrowsLookedThatGood

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3, Spreading the love
'...that time I went girl on girl. #CouldveDoneWithALittleLessTongue'.


...that time I went girl on girl. #CouldveDoneWithALittleLessTongue

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4. When this piece of Photoshop brilliance landed on our feeds
'What's sexier than a man on a scooter?! ...everything actually #ThanksFluxCapacitorForRemindingMeHowGratefulIAmThatThe90sAreOver'.

5. That time she mastered the art of the #fwis shot
Everything in this pic is ok by us. 


It's a bird. It's a plane. It's suuuuperpants

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6. When she had a bad hair day and she didn't care who knew it...
'Who wore it better? C'monnnn, my hair is my super power!! Now show me some of your INCREDIBLE hair moments! #PowerOn#GoodHairDay'.

7. Another very good use of Photoshop...

8. When she admitted she's not the world's best baker...
She actually gave these to Ryan for Valentine's Day. He's a lucky guy, huh? 

9. And finally, this...


"...it all started with a spider" -Walt Disney

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