Blake Lively Has A Very Refreshing Attitude To Losing Her Baby Weight…

Blake Lively Has A Very Refreshing Attitude To Losing Her Baby Weight…

We reckon she looks pretty amazing as she is, but Blake Lively says she's still carrying some baby weight – although she's in no hurry to shift it

You could be forgiven for thinking that Blake Lively being pregnant was one big trick, so incredibly svelte has she looked on the red carpet since the birth of her baby daughter. But a new parent she most definitely is, along with husband Ryan Reynolds, to their baby daughter, James.

But despite Blake looking pretty much exactly the same as she did before she became pregnant, the Gossip Girl star is adamant that she's still carrying some baby weight. However, that's not to say that she's in any way worried about it, or in a rush to shift it.

'I'm still 15 pounds heavier so it's nice that people think I lost my baby weight', Blake told the BBC.

'I still haven't lost a pretty good chunk of it, but it's also the pressure - who cares? There's pressure to lose it, or women are like supposed to look like they did when they were 19 right after you give birth to your child, I think it's silly.' We're totally with you Blake.

And, actually, it appears Blake's become quite attached to her new body, especially since all of the weight has gone to her, er, chest.

'It’s all in the left boob,' she told Look, adding that the way she deals with her different body shape it to 'dress right and accept that certain things don’t look the way that they did before you were pregnant, and just hope that it’ll come off eventually.' Sounds like the right attitude to us...

And in between caring for a four-month-old baby, and promoting her new film The Age of Adaline, as well as shooting scenes for upcoming movies, we doubt Blake's found much time to get down the gym. Not that she needs to. After all, there's nothing like running around after a newborn and working hard to keep you slim.

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