Blake Lively Had A Makeover, And It's Edible?!

Blake Lively Had A Makeover, And It's Edible?!

The Age of Adaline actress shared a slightly unusual selfie on Instagram…still of her face, but made entirely of food

Blake Lively just went a little crazy over some white bread on Instagram. No, it’s not a Preserve-worthy artisan sun-baked loaf handmade by a 72-year-old grandmother, but it is a little unusual...

The Age of Adaline actress shared a snap of her face made entirely out of tasty treats, created by Instagram food artist Marie Saba. The edible portrait tops white bread with mozzarella and jellybeans for eyes, an apple mouth and Blake’s bread crust hair, making for a delicious likeness of the new mum.

Can you guess this lovely lady?

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Blake was clearly excited at the prospect of chomping on her cabbage dress, regramming the post with the caption ‘@mariesaba you made my dreams true. ...I finally are what I eat! Am. What I eat. You are what YOU eat. But I'm LITERALLY what I eat. See. Because of the . (Please stop talking)’. That's certainly food for thought (hehe).

Maybe Marie’s post inspired Blake to get creative with her cooking for hubby Ryan Reyolds and baby James. The former Gossip Girl it-girl baked homemade cookies on Valentine’s Day, and is always hands on in the kitchen – who could forget the simmering rivalry between Blake and lifestyle queen Martha Stewart…



Marie is no stranger to celebrity sittings, also Instagramming a spaghetti-haired Gwyneth Paltrow, a Nutella topped George Clooney and Taylor Swift with crisps for curls. It's not all about high-society though; cartoon characters, animals and flowers are all fair game for this foodie – check out Marie’s Instagram for a sweetcorn Lisa Simpson!

Can you guess this lovely blond actress, mother, author, cook?

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There have been a spate of foodie celeb portraits recently – remember when Zizzi turned Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour and Kate Moss into popular pizza toppings for London Fashion Week? Cornflake Beyonce is a classic, and even Jesus has been spotted on everything from potato chips to toast. So why not make some celebrity friends the next time you grab a bite to eat? A chocolate chip Adam Levine could be closer than you think…


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