Blake Lively has been speaking pretty frankly about Gossip Girl, the TV show that made her a global name.

Are you ready to hear this?

The actress – who played insanely popular and glamorous party girl Serena Van Der Woodsen – reckons the programme didn’t always set a good example for viewers.

In case you’ve never seen it (we urge you to spend this weekend catching up on Netflix if so), the show follows a group of privileged teens from New York’s Upper East Side whose lives are documented by a blogger.

The mysteriously individual, who writes under the guise of Gossip Girl, loves nothing more than exposing people’s scandalous secrets - and it seems that no one is safe. 

To give you more of an idea about what Blake, 27, means, the plot of the drama series, which ran from 2007 - 2012, was often dark and covered some rather risqué topics. 

'People loved it, but it always felt a little personally compromising - you want to be putting a better message out there,’ she revealed to Female First.

‘When parents would say, “My teenager is watching your show,” I wanted to say, “Hold on. Why? Are you having a talk with them after?”

‘From the drug use to the point where we’re killing people, it’s sexual and salacious.’

Despite this, Blake - who became a mum for the first time at the end of last year - only has good things to say about the storylines which saw her character getting on with Leighton Meester’s alter-ego Blair Waldorf.

Again, for anyone who’s not aware, it’s fair to say that Serena and BFF Blair had a pretty explosive relationship at times.

‘I loved it when they put Blair and Serena as best friends supporting each other.'

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Leighton Meester and Blake Lively filming Gossip Girl