Blake Lively Calls Out All Of Her Preserve Haters With This On Point Rebuttal

Blake Lively Calls Out All Of Her Preserve Haters With This On Point Rebuttal

Blake Lively has spoken out about how the negative reception to her website Preserve has only made her more determined to succeed. Atta' girl...

Blake Lively is one of the busiest women in Hollywood; hands down. Along with an in-demand acting career, she has somehow managed to find the time to design her own fashion collections, snag one of the most gorgeous men in the world (cough, Ryan Reynolds, cough), have a baby and build her own business empire. 

And while it may look like it's all come totally naturally to the 27-year-old starlet, in her most recent — and probably most honest, interview, she has revealed the toll starting her own lifestyle brand Preserve has really taken on her and her life. 

As her website approaches its first birthday, Blake sat down with US publication TIME to chat about how her career has changed since launching her own company, and the struggles she's faced in the wake of it. And even though its success has been remarkable, it seems she is far from content about how Preserve's first year has gone. Don't be too hard on yourself, Blake. 

After launching the website last year, the site was met with quite a lot of criticism from the media; and it's definitely affected Blake. When asked if she had anticipated the knee-jerk reaction Preserve faced, she came back with an answer which sadly couldn't be more on point: 

'I see what happens in the world of female entrepreneurs and I see what the media does. And that they pit women against each other and there’s an “or”—should women stick to this or this? I knew we’d probably get grilled, or celebrated for being someone they’re not already picking on.' 

Comparing the launch of her own business in the public eye to feeling 'like a new kid coming to school', we think she's summed up her reception perfectly. 

She went on to further her point by saying: 'I’ll get picked on, or liked, for being from a different place. There is constructive criticism we’ve taken to heart. And then there’s people being mean for the sake of being mean, or when you’re trying to be light and people take you literally. It’s a nasty world.'

Speaking about sexism in the media, Blake went on to make the observation: 'You don’t see male entrepreneurs pitted against each other, destroyed, picked apart, and every word they say served up to judge. That’s disappointing, but we’ve got so much going on that we can’t pay attention. The things that keep me up are things I look at on the site and I know could be better.' 

Clearly unhappy with how the website came to be, the Age of Adaline actress said: 'What I wanted Preserve to be at launch was not what it is at all. It’s just impossible! People hacked into our site a week and a half before it was meant to launch, so the site leaked. The site’s not close to what I want it to be. I hope by the time it’s what I want it to be, my standards will be raised infinitely more.' 

And while Blake insists that 'every layer' of her company 'can and will be improved', we reckon that she should be monumentally proud of what she's started. We, for one, find her a total inspiration...

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