Ryan Reynolds Has Spoken Out About *That* Picture With His Daughter James

Ryan Reynolds Has Spoken Out About *That* Picture With His Daughter James

Blake Lively shared this snap of Ryan Reynolds and their daughter James on Father's Day, but little did they know it would receive the shaming it has...

Ryan Reynolds has finally shared his thoughts on *that* picture Blake Lively shared with fans last month.  

The actress was just one of the celebrities to take to Instagram and Twitter at the weekend to honour someone special to her on Father's Day and of course, her person of choice was her husband Ryan.

Taking to her Insta-account the Age of Adaline star posted a sweet, sepia toned shot of her partner on a day out with their little one, along with the caption: 'Happy Fathers Day!!! ...@vancityreynolds Since the day our baby was born, I've felt so strongly in my heart that you were most likely the father. #ILoveYouSoMuchItsSilly'.

Of course, most of her fans were elated at the snap which gave us a very rare glimpse of her daughter. So far, we still haven't see their child in full, with Ryan posting a snap of her hand wrapped around his finger shortly after her birth and now Blake sharing this shot which shows her polka-dot sock clad feet.

However, some of her followers were quick to point out that something was wrong with the way baby James was being carried by her father, and it's resulted in a major online backlash that none of us, let alone the couple expected. 

'The baby's not properly secured in the vessel that I'm wearing there,' Ryan confessed to Matt Lauer while appearing on The Today Show. 

'I'm a first-time dad, and that is not the first mistake I've made. I can guarantee you it won't be last. I'd never used that particular carrier before. Every other time has been perfect.' 

The high-profile couple welcomed their first child — a daughter, James — days before 2014 ended, so you can't blame her for wanting to gush about her young family on what was Ryan's first Father's Day. 

For those of us yet to have kiddies of our own, the error may not be so obvious. But, as it's been rather shamelessly pointed out by people all around the world, James has supposedly been placed in the carrier incorrectly. 

As we already said, her feet can be seen sticking out the bottom of the carrier, and her head is totally obscured; both of which are said to mean the child is in a position that could potentially cause her harm and could affect her walking abilities later in life. While the photograph received a colossal amount of likes, countless critical comments have called out the couple for apparently not reading the carrier’s instruction manual. 

One user said, 'Poor baby looks so uncomfortable and unsafe,' while another mused, 'Please have hot hubby read the instruction manual.' TBH, it's kind of irrelevant whether he's hot or not, amiright?

Another said: 'Please read your baby product manuals with as much detail as you read a script' - and branded Ryan's actions 'dangerous'.

Sure, we're not saying that Blake and Ryan weren't in the wrong, but this kind of shaming and bombardment is a whole other level of concern. At the end of the day, they're a new family embarking on the challenges of having a newborn baby — and their first at that — to look after. 

We dare ask, what person can say that they honestly did EVERYTHING right when they took their first child home from the hospital? Don't be shy — present yourselves... 

While there's no doubt that Blake and Ryan are still learning as they go, we're actually quite shocked that their parenting abilities have been bombarded with such public backlash from people who, we're sure, have made their own mistakes in the past. 

What do we suggest? Offering helpful advice instead of trolling a young couple taking their first steps into parenthood. Just a thought... 

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