Beyonce shares pregnancy fears

Beyonce shares pregnancy fears

Beyonce reveals what it was really like to be pregnant with baby Blue Ivy in the trailer for her new documentary film

It's shaping up to be a seminal year for Beyonce, as she's just revealed her first single with Destiny's Child since 2005 and will perform at this year's Superbowl, but in her new documentary it's her biggest achievement of last year which takes focus - the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy.


In a newly-released trailer for her HBO film, Life Is But A Dream, Beyonce reveals pregnancy footage of herself as well as an ultrasound of baby Blue.

She talks frankly about her pregnancy, admitting: "I just had a feeling something was going on. This is crazy."


The singing sensation also admits that adapting to maternity fashion is no mean feat: "They keep putting me in these tight clothes and trying to hide it is very difficult. I don't know how I'm going to get through this."

She also muses on the struggle of being in the limelight, reflecting: "I felt like I had been so commercially successful, it wasn't enough. There's something really stressful about having to keep up with that. You can't express yourself. You can't grow. It is the battle of my life."

Life Is But A Dream will airs on HBO tonight.


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