Beyonce, Jay Z And Blue Ivy's Super Cute Family Day Out

Beyonce, Jay Z And Blue Ivy's Super Cute Family Day Out

Blue Ivy definitely had a better weekend than you...

Even though Blue Ivy is the daughter of two of the world's most famous people, and doubtless has all the coolest toys and clothes of all the kids ever, we're sure she was just as excited as any of us would be (if we were still under seven-years-old that is) to get to stay up late and go the Annie premiere with her mum and dad as she did last night in New York.

Actually, what are we saying: we'd be excited to do that now, as fully certified adults. Especially if it was with the Carters.

Wearing a striped blanket like a cape (Blue's soo on trend), and with her hair in cute bunches, Blue very almost upstaged Bey in the style department, especially in those adorable black patent Mary Janes.

After the screening, which stars Quvenzhane Wallis as Annie, a slightly sleepy looking Blue was carried out of the theatre by Jay Z, before her parents returned to the party to hang out for a bit longer with the film's stars.

Yup, this definitely beat most of the Sunday afternoons we spent with our families. Then again, there's a lot to be said for snoozing on the sofa...


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