Beyoncé Gets Off A Dock In Italy. People Applaud

Beyoncé Gets Off A Dock In Italy. People Applaud

Because why wouldn’t you applaud Bey using her own two feet?

Beyoncé is a goddess, we all know that. From Destiny’s Child standout to global superstar, fashion icon and social activist Queen Bey, Beyoncé deserves credit for all the amazing that she is.

Platinum selling albums, sell-out tours and mantelpieces dripping with awards might go some way to giving Beyoncé the appreciation she deserves, but what she really needs is to be applauded in her day-to-day life, right?!

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Stepping off a dock in Italy, where’s she’s holidaying with hubby Jay Z and not-so-baby Blue Ivy, Beyoncé was met with a crowd of fans, who legitimately started to clap when their Queen walked past them.


Yes, Beyoncé was applauded for walking. For existing, even. After gracing us with her presence for 34 heavenly years, doesn’t Bey deserve to be praised for even the simplest of human acts? We think yes. Especially after Lemonade. 

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It takes a lot to be music’s first lady and a worldwide sensation, as well as a mother, wife and Topshop collaborator. Then there’s the little matter of promoting feminism and raising our girls to be strong, independent women, as well as defending the rights of black men and women in America and across the world. 

Beyoncé hasn’t posted any behind-the-scenes snaps on her Instagram page just yet, but we’re pretty confident they’ll be coming soon. Rumour has it (and her website proves it) that Bey employs a full-time photographer to follow her around, capturing those cute, candid moments of Blue, Jay and Solange.

Remember that Gucci twinning pic?! Beyond. And as for Blue Ivy’s fairy themed birthday party… well, let’s just say it put our Colin the Caterpillar cake to shame.

Beyoncé – you do you, and we’ll keep clapping.

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