Beyoncé Not A Fashion Icon? We Beg To Differ

Beyoncé Not A Fashion Icon? We Beg To Differ
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10 reasons why Mrs Carter is a goddess

When an article appeared in the New York Times this week, proclaiming that Queen B was not a fashion icon, we had to step in. While she may not be as fashion forward as some of her contemporaries, there's no denying  Beyoncé's enduring influence on our style. Here are (just some) of the reasons Bey's a style queen.

1) How many people do you know who can pull off skintight, fringed, bright yellow crochet?

2) She makes a vintage face net look fierce

3) She's also the queen of gravity-defying cut out frocks


4) She gives a good fishtail

5) And her stage leotard collection is second to none

We loved this one...

....and this one...


6) She can bring a bit of Jessica Rabbit va-va-voom when the occasion demands

7) Or she'll strip it all back with a monochrome jumpsuit

8) She totally owned this Tom Ford look. Look at that steely gaze.

9) And we loved the fur coat / long dress / emerald earrings get-up she wore to the inauguration

10) Her hair is 100% fabulous. Even when she's off duty.


By Lucy Pavia / @lucypavia


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