Beyoncé And Solange Dressed Like Twins Without Realising + It's Creeping Us Out

Beyoncé And Solange Dressed Like Twins Without Realising + It's Creeping Us Out

Proof that these two siblings have a super-chic, albeit rather strange, sixth fashion sense...

If there's two A-list sisters with very different fashion sense, they have to be Beyoncé and Solange Knowles. Don't get us wrong, they both look equality amazing all of the time but it's very seldom that we see them rocking similar attire. 

While Bey is all about body-con, ab-baring crop tops and thigh-skimming mini dresses Solange can usually be found sporting longer length midi skirts which she'll effortlessly pair with oversized knitwear and, more often than not, her go-to fluffy Sophia Webster mules.

In short, the famous siblings always look impeccable when they're together without running the risk of stepping on each others sartorial toes. That was, until now. 

Even though they were in totally different locations in New York City at the time they were papped, Bey and Solange managed to perfectly match their outfits through what we can only assume is a super-weird telekinesis fashion power. That or it's all down to chance, but we prefer the former. 

Either way, their outfit likeness is striking. Beyoncé opted for a white trouser, trench and shirt combo which she accessorised with a nude handbag and barely there strap heels, while Solange chose a cream trouser, slouchy blazer and top combo which she paired with a neutral gold clutch and, wouldn't you know it, wafer thin strap heels. Seriously, it's like a ruddy mirror image!

If that wasn't enough to creep you out in the similarity stakes, we clocked 28-year-old Solange at Paris Fashion Week back in March rocking a gorgeous colour-block coat which she spun as a dress and paired with co-ordinating Nicholas Kirkwood heels, we couldn't help but feel like we'd pined over this cover-up before...

Then it dawned on us — it's the exact same coat that her older sis Beyoncé wore to sit FROW-side at the Adidas Originals x Kanye West Yeezy show during New York Fashion Week. Sure, she may have shoulder-robed it when she wore it first time round but that multi-colour beauty from high-end label HARBISON is one in the same.

 Take a closer look at it below...

Who'd have thought these two mega stars would be up for wardrobe sharing? Not us, that's for sure, but we LOVE that they do.

And that's not the first time the pair have dressed very similarly either...

At the Oscars 2015, both women wore mirroring white, floor-sweeping gowns both complete with full-length sleeves and high necklines. What are the chances? Surely the pair would have discussed what they were each wearing to the high-profile event, you know, BEFORE they hit the red carpet? Which kind of leads us to think that their new-found samey style of dressing could be on purpose — proof that sisters who dress together, stay together. 

Ok, so it may not be the hard and fast version of the saying but we reckon it still applies... Regardless, more of this wardrobe sharing fun please ladies!

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